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"Calor"Alan Sharp10-01-03  11:56 am
"Jack the Snipper" caughtJames Jeffrey Paul5-27-04  9:45 pm
'The Child Murder At Leeds' 1891Jeffrey Bloomfied5-13-05  8:23 pm
Abberline's other late identified perp case: The murder of Inspecto...Carlo6-27-04  7:41 pm
Aka The Ypsilanti RipperBelinda Pearce11-28-05  12:15 am
Aldgate Post Office RobberyAP Wolf6-18-04  5:24 pm
Alfred GambleChris Scott13 8-26-03  1:44 pm
Alva ForceChris Scott8-16-03  2:03 pm
America's Jack the Ripper LettersStanley D. Reid13 5-10-05  11:47 pm
Arnold Schuster (1952)Jeffrey Bloomfied6-03-04  11:18 pm
Arrest in WoonsocketDavid O'Flaherty7-31-04  4:52 pm
Atalanta killings 1912Stanley D. Reid11 9-01-05  6:23 pm
ATLANTA 1913-1915 -THE MURDER OF MARY PHAGAN AND THE LYNCHING OF L...Stanley D. Reid9-04-05  6:13 pm
Attack in Vicinity of Buck's Row - 1st September 1888Nina Thomas9-26-04  12:26 am
Attempted Murder in Glasgow January 1889Amie Robb9-20-05  12:25 pm
Attempted triple event-1944?alex cortes33 6-22-05  7:21 pm
Bermondsey attackChris Scott11-07-03  7:45 pm
Black Dahlia Case, Los Angeles, 1947Gary Alan Weatherhea180 1-09-06  11:29 pm
Body found November 13th 1888Jennifer Pegg11-26-05  7:41 am
Boy butchered in Goulston StreetMorticia16 10-06-04  1:28 am
Bradford murder - December 1888Paul Williams3-07-04  11:44 am
Brimingham new year shooting 2003Jennifer D. Pegg3-18-05  3:40 pm
Brixton Murder 1900Robert Clack9-20-05  9:12 am
BTKDiana 249 10-12-05  10:10 pm
Burke and HareRobert Charles Linfo7-16-05  5:54 pm
Can anyone clue me in on the Le Touqeut case?Stanley D. Reid4-14-05  12:39 am
Can't happen hereJohn Dow7-02-03  9:07 am
Canadian RipperChristopher T George4-18-05  3:10 pm
Charles Peacewiganthorpe10 12-01-05  5:00 pm
Cincinnati Ripper 1905BJ Bruther5-18-05  3:52 am
Cleveland Torso MurdersStanley D. Reid78 6-28-05  7:46 pm
Collingwood killings, Australia - 1890/91ReeceAU3-25-04  6:58 am
Cooper murder -November 1888Marie Finlay5-09-03  6:31 am
Copycat murders?jamie wadman7-25-05  4:06 pm
Could Profiling go the way of Bertillonage?Stanley D. Reid9-11-05  5:00 pm
CrippenVincent7-23-04  9:27 am
Disappearance of Husband During Cruise Sir Robert Anderson1-07-06  11:27 pm
DNA Evidence and The Boston Strangler CaseMayFlowerMarK19 1-02-05  3:38 pm
Don Carlo Gesualdo (1561-1613)Jeffrey Bloomfied1-08-06  3:33 pm
Duval Street killing 1960ian horsford11-17-03  7:53 am
East End Crimes and Criminalstomo59 10-21-05  3:01 pm
Egypt's Jack the RipperAP Wolf8-16-04  6:06 pm
Fatal occurrence at Astley's in 1861AP Wolf9-02-05  4:17 pm
From today's BBC News - 29/6/05Caroline Anne Morris6-30-05  5:11 am
Green River MurdersBilly Markland10-31-03  11:49 am
Had a dream last nightIan Graham3-05-04  9:08 pm
Hammersmith Nudes Case (a.k.a Jack the Stripper)Jeff Leahy32 9-13-05  6:55 am
Harold ShipmanJennifer Pegg88 11-09-05  3:24 pm
Has Anyone Read the New Green River Killer Books?James Jeffrey Paul11-12-04  9:41 am
How were they caught?Diana 7-01-03  8:33 pm
How were they caught?Jeffrey Bloomfied6-20-05  6:49 pm
I-45 KillerChrisTRaye11-11-05  8:00 pm
Imielia & Co.AP Wolf3-07-04  12:08 pm
Indiana Killings 1962Chris Scott9-12-03  9:35 am
Interviewing British Serial Killers Patricia10 7-15-04  9:27 pm
Jeffrey MacDonald : Acid is GroovySir Robert Anderson12-14-05  9:45 am
Jesse Pomeroy -- Teenage KillerStephen Leece6-08-04  10:37 am
Johannesburg Ripper Murders?Andrew Spallek10-01-04  2:01 pm
Jonbenet RamseyAngel127 6-23-05  1:49 am
Joseph Philipe aka the Terror of ParisPoorhoney4-20-05  7:11 pm
Julia WallaceMark Bloch195 12-28-05  5:00 am
Julian Fellowes Investigates A Most Mysterious Murder ...Chris Phillips10-03-05  3:34 am
Kansas City StranglerBJMarkland9-08-04  4:17 pm
Karla Homolka to be released todayGary Alan Weatherhea8-23-05  4:21 am
Kidsgrove 1911AP Wolf6-19-05  5:54 pm
Liverpool Prostitute Murder, July 2003Christopher T George2-23-05  3:08 pm
Liverpool Ripper Murders 1909Robert Clack9-20-05  1:17 pm
Långrocken - The Longcoat Glenn G. Lauritz And8-11-05  9:32 am
Marseilles killings July 1891Julia1-21-04  11:45 pm
Mary Ann WoodAP Wolf6-05-05  3:32 pm
Melbourne mutilation murder trialFrank van Oploo12-04-04  8:58 am
MicroarraysDiana 12-30-04  12:38 pm
Miller's Court murder charge - December 1926Robert Charles Linfo16 9-27-04  1:25 pm
Milly DowlerJennifer D. Pegg3-15-05  6:50 am
Moors MurdersStanley D. Reid9-04-05  6:32 pm
Mudgett, Herman, aka, Holmes, Dr. HenryMark McGlone13 9-03-05  2:18 pm
Murder in Lambeth - June 29th 1880AP Wolf5-20-05  1:52 pm
Murder of a watchman 3 October 1888Chris Scott5-14-03  6:33 pm
My Secret Life, by "Walter"Jack Jones20 9-05-04  6:18 pm
Neville HeathJeffrey Bloomfied11 1-26-05  7:46 pm
New Lipski materialAIP23 12-20-05  12:22 pm
New Orleans AxemanStanley D. Reid24 12-10-05  7:02 pm
New Suspect named in Wimbledon Common Murder.Robert Charles Linfo16 11-16-04  4:03 pm
New York 1917Chris Scott10-19-03  10:46 am
O. J. Simpson Grants Interviews on 10th Anniversary of MurdersKelly Robinson6-06-04  9:27 am
Operation TraceChristopher Lowe9-27-03  9:56 pm
Paper - "Aetiology of Serial Murder"AP Wolf4-26-04  2:30 pm
Profile of the yorkshire ripperjohn34uk6-07-04  4:43 pm
Prostitute Murder 1863Paul Williams5-29-05  3:09 pm
Rahway Murder, 1887Steve Laughery8-03-05  11:31 am
Reginald Saunderson's crimeAP Wolf13 12-27-05  4:15 pm
Ridgway Confesses to Green River KillingsRichard P. Dewar21 11-11-03  2:43 am
Roswell, New Mexico alleged U.FO incidentGary Alan Weatherhea9-14-03  2:17 pm
San Diego Arsenic Poisoning - Shades of Flo MaybrickCaroline Anne Morris1-06-06  7:05 am
Schostwitzesm12-02-05  8:07 am
Serial KillersM.Mc.69 11-02-05  5:39 pm
Shoreditch Murder 1898Chris Scott1-07-04  11:59 am
Spring Heeled Jack - An inspiration ?Stephen Leece18 11-19-05  11:01 pm
Stemler, LewisChris Scott1-13-04  10:57 am
Susan Smith, Infanticide MurdersLeeLee15 1-06-05  3:17 pm
Sweeney ToddMonty54 10-19-05  8:20 am
Sweeny ToddThomas Hands12-27-05  7:07 am
Texarcana 1947Stanley D. Reid14 10-31-05  1:57 pm
The Austin TX "Ripper" murdersEmily B19 10-19-04  1:44 pm
The Blackout RipperLibrary Lady21 10-12-05  1:03 pm
The Bowen Road Dog SlayerSir Robert Anderson10-31-05  11:39 am
The Camden RipperJennifer D. Pegg20 2-25-05  8:34 am
The Cameo Case, Liverpool, 1949Christopher T George6-12-03  12:55 pm
The Cannon Street MurderJeffrey Bloomfied2-21-05  6:55 pm
The current New York Times fiasco - why we have to be careful of pr...Ray Speer16 4-17-04  10:43 am
The Disappearance of John BachertStanley D. Reid32 5-05-05  1:04 pm
The Extraordinary Case of the Manufactured Macedonian Talking Head.AP Wolf7-24-05  6:03 pm
The Great UnsolvedVincent12-26-04  11:02 am
The Great UnsolvedVincent12-26-04  11:03 am
The Harley Street Murder - June 8th 1880AP Wolf6-22-05  5:31 pm
The Last Man to Hang for Attempted Murder.Jeffrey Bloomfied2-18-04  11:32 pm
The Lindbergh KidnappingJames Jeffrey Paul37 5-29-04  11:43 pm
The Monster?Amy19 10-20-04  9:21 am
The Nagyrev PoisoningsLaura James5-26-05  7:36 am
THE PHILADELPHIA ongoing mysteryHoward Brown17 11-11-05  5:55 pm
The suppected dates of the killings and times.john34uk6-05-04  7:36 pm
The telling of the ripper in london.john34uk6-05-04  7:37 pm
The Vienna RipperRobert Clack11-29-04  3:45 pm
The yorkshire ripperStephen Miller16 10-20-05  11:59 am
Torso in the ThamesChristopher T George5-13-05  11:36 am
Truckstop KillerSaucy Adam3-25-04  10:08 pm
Vacher, JosephSwine8-30-04  9:20 pm
Vincenzo VerzeniJames Jeffrey Paul5-28-04  11:28 am
Welsh Murder Tours led by Bob HintonSuzi Hanney9-26-04  2:49 pm
Which Known SK Would You Compare him to?Joan O'Liari154 1-03-06  5:52 pm
Whitechapel Murder and Suicide - Feb 1888AP Wolf7-27-05  5:48 pm
Who is jack the ripper??john34uk6-06-04  8:41 am
Worksop Murder September 1899Robert Clack7-24-05  7:11 pm
YOUR ASSITANCE IS REQUESTEDBob Hinton7-06-04  10:45 am
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