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Ripper Notes
Christopher T. George, Editor (1999-2000)
Christopher-Michael DiGrazia, Editor (2001-2004)
Dan Norder, Editor (2004-Present)
Wolf Vanderlinden, Associate Editor (2004-Present)
Ripper Notes: The American Journal for Ripper Studies
Quarterly, approx. 100 pp per issue. Illustrated.
First published: May 1999.

Casebook Review:

Casebook Productions (not affiliated with Casebook: Jack the Ripper) successfully pulled off the first ever US Jack the Ripper Conference in April, 2000, and a second in April of 2002. Ripper Notes began as a facet of this multi-media organization, which sadly dissolved after the 2002 Conference. Thankfully, Ripper Notes itself is still going strong under the new editorships of Dan Norder and Wolf Vanderlinden. Under their watch Ripper Notes blossomed into a proper, full-fledged magazine - with glossy, full-color covers, proper book-binding and an eye-popping 100+ pages of content in the last several issues. Each is chock full of in-depth articles and featurettes, making Ripper Notes every bit as good as Ripperologist magazine. Highly recommended.


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