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Ripper Notes - July 2005

Ripper Notes - July 2005

Ripper Notes
July 2005 - Issue #23

Editor: Dan Norder - Associate Editor: Wolf Vanderlinden

Introduction: Friends, Old & New - Dan Norder p. 3
Montague John Druitt: Still Our Best Suspect - Andrew J. Spallek
The case for the man who topped Macnaghten's list
  p. 4
Suspect and Witness - The Police Viewpoint - Stewart P. Evans
A detailed look at George Hutchinson's witness statement
  p. 22
Joseph Barnett and Old Billingsgate Market- Leanne Perry
At work with the fish porter who lived with Mary Kelly
  p. 30
On the Trail of Tumblety? Part 1 - Wolf Vanderlinden
The quack doctor's escape and the stories that followed
  p. 34
Gallows Humor - Jeffrey Bloomfield
The alleged Ripper confession of Dr. Cream
  p. 50
'Last Seen Wearing' - Don Souden
A critical examination of the reliability of the witnesses
p. 59
The Tales of the 'Twos' - Des McKenna
Comparing the two versions of Tom Slemen's claims that Claude Reignier Conder was Jack the Ripper
p. 69
The Ripper in Oxford Street? - Tom Wescott
The curious case of Thomas Jones
  p. 71
From the Newspaper Morgue - Wolf Vanderlinden   p. 76
The Inquest - Jennifer Pegg   p. 85
News & Notes - Dan Norder   p. 90
The Bookcase - Wolf Vanderlinden and Dan Norder   p. 97
The Whitechapel Letterbox   p. 107


On the cover: Front: A Jane Coram illustration of Dr. Cream in the East End, with Montague Druitt making a cameo appearance.
Back: Clockwise from the upper left: Postcard of the ship Tumblety took to the US, woodcut of a fish porter, photo of tombstone of a victim of Dr. Cream, cover of Puck featuring suspect faces (see next page) and the file cover to Hutchinson's witness statement.

Special thanks to: Stewart P. Evans, for various images, Don Souden, for transcription services this issue, Joe Chetcuti and Chris George, for originally finding some of the images used in Wolf's article about Tumblety.

Collected contents copyright 2005 by Dan Norder for Ripper Notes, all rights reserved. Copyrights to individual contributions are also retained by their respective authors.

The opinions expressed in articles and letters are those of the individual authors and are not necessarily shared by the editors.

ISBN 0-9759129-4-4

Ripper Notes is published by Inklings Press -