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Times (London)
20 May 1889


The Lancashire county police stationed at Aigburth, near Liverpool, have been for some days investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of the late Mr. James Maybrick, a cotton broker, of Liverpool, who resided at Battlecrease house, Cressington road, Aigburth, and who died last week. The post mortem examination of the deceased disclosed symptoms suggestive of poisoning, and the viscera, &c., have been submitted to the county analyst for testing, while the police found a packet of arsenic in a cupboard of the house. Mrs. Maybrick, wife of the deceased, is under arrest. On Saturday afternoon Colonel Bidnill, J.P., went to the house of the deceased, accompanied by Mr. Swift, magistrate's clerk, and Superintendent Bryning, of the county constabulary, Mrs. Maybrick having been certified to be too ill for appearance in the county magistrate's court. Colonel Bidnill met at the house Drs. Hoffer and Humphreys, besides Messrs. A. and R.S. Cleaver, solicitors representing Mrs. Maybrick. After a brief consultation in the porch it was agreed that the doctors should visit Mrs. Maybrick, who was ill in bed, to ascertain whether or not she was fit to hear the charge. They returned with an affirmative answer. The clerk to the magistrates consulted with Mrs. Maybrick's solicitors as to whether they would consent to a remand without any evidence being taken. Mr. A. Cleaver inquired what was the nature of the evidence the police proposed to give. Mr. swift replied in effect that the police were in a position to offer very grave evidence against Mrs. Maybrick of having administered arsenic to her husband from time to time. Upon hearing this Mr. Cleaver consented that the case should be remanded without evidence being called. With the concurrence of the medical men it was arranged to convey Mrs. Maybrick in a carriage to Kirkdale Gaol that afternoon, accompanied by the doctors and one of the professional nurses in charge. It is expected that she will be brought in court next Monday (27th).

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