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Interview: David Maybrick

Conducted by Colin Lloyd
Monday, October 22nd, 1996

Casebook: How exactly are you related to James Maybrick?

Mr. Maybrick: I am his forth cousin. My great-great-grandfather Charles was William Maybrick's brother. (William was the father of James Maybrick)

Casebook: Was Jamesís story a family pass-me-down which was well known to all immediate family members ? If so, what was the general consensus?

Mr. Maybrick: No, the first thing the we knew of it was when the diary was published in the early nineties.

Casebook: What was the familyís reaction to the diary itself? Do they support it or refute it?

Mr. Maybrick: Surprised by it at first but there does seem to be a lot of evidence pointing In the direction of James.

Casebook: What was your personal reaction ?

Mr. Maybrick: Again, quite surprised by it, but the family knew of Jamesís background. i.e. the trial of Florence Maybrick and of Jamesís arsenic addiction.

Casebook: Have you or anyone in your family dealt with any investigations working on the diary? If so, what were your thoughts on how these investigations have proceeded?

Mr. Maybrick: No, we havenít conducted any investigations ourselves. We have only answered questions concerning the family history to other parties, media, Paul Feldman etc.

Casebook: Do you have any knowledge of Florence Maybrick's descendants, specifically the use of the surname GRAHAM?

Mr. Maybrick: All I know about Florence Maybrick is that her son James died at a young age after drinking something thought to be harmless, but turned out to be acid. Her daughter Gladys Evelyn died some time later and had no children.

Of the surname GRAHAM, Paul Feldman is writing a new book regarding the Maybrick diary and past which I have been co-operating with, due for publication in early 1997. He claims Mrs. Anne Barrett (wife of Michael Barrett) went by the name of GRAHAM. She was a relative of Florence Maybrick in some way and she had the diary in her possession. Possibly a family pass-me-down!

Casebook: Are you aware of the recent damage inflicted on the Maybrick family headstone in Anfield cemetery? Have you been contacted by the cemetery regarding this matter?

Mr. Maybrick: No, I wasnít aware of any damage occurring to the headstone and I havenít been contacted by them regarding any repair.

Casebook: Are you the only surviving Maybrick relative?

Mr. Maybrick: Yes, as far as I am aware there are no other surviving Maybricks apart from my baby son who was born this June.

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