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Southern Guardian
Saturday, 22 December 1888


On Monday afternoon last quite a flutter of excitement was caused in Wimborne by the sudden announcement that Prince Albert Victor was coming down by the 5.20 express train from London on a visit to Lord and Lady Wimborne at Canford, to take part in the battue shooting to which a large and distinguished company had been invited by Lord Wimborne. The station approaches were decorated with flags, evergreens, and triumphal arches hurriedly constructed and presented a festive appearance. There was a crowd of people awaiting the 5.20 train, but they were doomed to disappointment for H.R.H. did not arrive until the next train, timed to reach Wimborne at 6.49. He was met at the station by Lord Wimborne, and proceeded along the crimson cloth covered platform, and down the steps to the carriage into which he got with his lordship and at once drove off to Canford. There was no cheering; in fact the chilly foggy weather appeared to take the enthusiasm out of everybody.

Mr. Holford was in attendance on the Prince, and there were also in the Royal train and of the party Lady Sefton, Lady G Molyneux, Lady Cottrell, Mrs. and Miss Cottrell, Mr. Adrian, Mrs. and Miss Hope, Lady Randolph Churchill, the Earl of Shaftesbury, the Russian Ambassador, Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Montagu Guest, and the Hon. Wilson Patten.

The party staying at Canford Manor during the week included Prince Albert Victor, the Earl and Countess of Sefton and Lady G. Molyneux, the Earl and Countess of Clarendon, the Earl of Shaftesbury, the Russian Ambassador (M. de Stael), Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill, Lord Drumlanrig, Lord Cantalope, the Hon. Lady Cotterell, Lady Sarah Spencer Churchill, Mr. Holford, Mr., Mrs. and Miss Hope, Mr. Montagu Guest, Mr. and Miss Hervey, Mr. Wilson Patten and Mr. Alfred Montgomery.


The Prince, with Lord Wimborne, and a number of the gentlemen made up a battue shooting party on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and the result of the three days' shooting was as follows:-

Tuesday, Brake Hills cover: 514 pheasants, 10 partridges, 29 hares, 24 rabbits, 5 woodcock. Total 592
Tuesday, Longfleet cover: 42 partridges, 15 pheasants, 1 rabbit, 3 snipe.
Wednesday, Hampreston cover: 1,108 pheasants, 10 hares, 17 rabbits, 10 woodcock, 1 snipe.
Wednesday, river shooting: 30 sucks, 8 pheasants,1 hare.
Thursday, Canford covers: 700 pheasants, 8 hares, 20 rabbits, 8 woodcock. (This does not include the number - calculated at about 150 pheasants - not picked up when darkness set in.)
Thursday, Merley cover: 46 pheasants, 1 hare, 22 rabbits, 1 woodcock, 9 wild duck.
The totals (not allowing for the pickings up of Thursday) for the three days were:- 2395 pheasants, 52 partridges, 49 hares, 83 rabbits, 18 woodcock, 4 snipe and 89 wild duck.


On Thursday night Canford House was en fete on the occasion of a grand country ball given by Lord and Lady Wimborne in honour of the Prince's visit. The music was supplied by the Bournemouth Royal Italian Band, and was exceedingly well balanced for the size of the Great Hall in which the dancing took place. This hall is situated in the middle of the extensive block known as Canford House, and is a magnificent apartment capable of holding several hundred people with ease. The height from the floor to the apex of the roof is 60 ft., and the side walls for about 12ft. up above the floor level are covered with rich black oak panelling, hand carved in the Renaissance style. The space above the oak carving to the spring of the roof (some 20ft.) is hung the whole way round with the choicest specimens of Gobelin tapestries, illustrative of rural scenery, the subdued tones of which harmonize pleasantly with the dark oak carving. The huge groined roof, resting upon carved corbels, is quite a feature in itself, and every corner of it has apparently been taken advantage of to exhibit the highest of art hand gilding and decoration. Suspended from the centre are two beautiful candleabra, containing each some 200 or 300 wax candles, which with large brass lamps lighted the room up with great effect.

The company began to arrive about half past ten, and were welcomed in the corridor by Lord and Lady Wimborne. Within half an hour or so the hall was well filled and the brilliant lighting, the varied toilets, and the sparkling of jewels of the "upper ten thousand" of the company made the scene an animated one in every respect.

Price Albert Victor and the house party before mentioned were among the company present, and dancing was kept up until about two o'clock.

The following is a list of the invitations to the ball:

Atkinson, Sergeant and Miss, Rowlands, Wimborne.
Aldridge, Mr. and Mrs. and son, Poole.
Aldridge, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald, Poole.
Alman, Professor and Mrs., Parkstone.
Armistead, the Rev. R and Mrs., Poole.
Algeo, the Rev. F.S. and Mrs., Parkstone Road, Poole (St. Paul's)
Alington, Lord and the Hon. Misses Sturt, Crichel, Wimborne.
Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. and the Misses, Bournemouth.
Ashley, the Ladies, St. Giles.
Bousfield, the Rev. and Mrs., Lodore, Parkstone.
Becker, the Rev. C., Hampreston.
Brouncker, Mrs. and Mrs., and Miss Boveridge, Salisbury.
Bengough, Mr. and Mrs., Misses and party, Upton, Poole.
Batterbury, Dr. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Bentinck, Colonel and Mrs., Beveridge, Salisbury.
Bankes, Mr., Miss and party, Kingston Lacey, Wimborne.
Bastards, Mr. and Mrs., Charlton Marshall, Blandford.
Barnes, Mr. and Mrs., Heatherlands, Parkstone.
Budge, Mr. and Mrs., Poole.
Bernard, Canon, High Hall, Wimborne.
Bishop, The Rev. Mr. and Mrs., Poole.
Butts, Captain, Salterns, Parkstone.
Bodley, Mr. T. and the Misses, The Daison, Parkstone.
Bond, Mr. G. M.P., Creech Grange, Wareham.
Bond, Mr. T. and Lady Selina, Holme Priory, Wareham.
Burrows, The Rev. C.L. and the Misses, St. Paul's Parsonage, Bournemouth.
Baillie, Mr. and Lady Theodosia and the Misses, South Moor, Bournemouth.
Boraston. Rev. G. and Mrs., Tranmeere, Bournemouth.
Belben, Mr., Mrs., and Miss, Longham, Wimborne.
Cambridge, The Rev. O. and Mrs., Bloxworth House, Wareham.
Cambridge, Colonel and Mrs., Bloxworth House, Wareham.
Craig, Gibson, Lady and Miss, Worfield, Bournemouth.
Clinton-Fynes, Mr. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Crespi, Dr. and Mrs., St. John's Hill, Wimborne.
Cecil, Lord and Lady Eustace, Lytchett, Poole.
Cross, the Rev. J. and Mrs., Bailey House, Wimborne.
Carter, the Rev. V. and Mrs., Almer Rectory, Blandford.
Cathell, Colonel and Mrs., Chadsley Glen, Parkstone.
Crokat, Mrs. and Miss, Hawksfield.
Compton, Dr., Poole.
Campbell, Mrs. and Miss, Fars, Wimborne.
Chislett, Mr. and Mrs. H.O., Wimborne.
Chudleigh, The rev. A. and Mrs., Parley, Wimborne.
Cleal, the Rev. E.E. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Clayton, Canon and Mrs. C., Melville, Parkstone.
Churchill, Col. and Mrs., Park Horner, Wimborne.
Dibben, Mr. and Mrs. H., Poole Road, Wimborne.
Druitt, Mrs. and Miss and Mr. Montagu, Wimborne.
Denne, General, Mrs. and the Misses, Downe House, Blandford.
Dugmore, Miss E.M., Parkstone.
Dickinson, Mr. and Mrs. H.S., Poole.
Dugmore, Mr. and Mrs., The Mount, Parkstone.
Dugmore, the Rev. and Lady Elizabeth, St. Peter's House, Parkstone.
De la Combe, Mrs. and the Misses, Heckington, Parkstone.
Damer, Mrs. Dawson, The Elms, Parkstone.
De Winton, Miss, Torbay, Parkstone.
Drax, Captain and Mrs. Erle, Charborough Park, Wimborne.
Austro Hungarian Ambassador, Earl and Countess Deyme, The Knole, Boscombe.
Evans, the Rev. C. and Mrs., Poole.
Eliot, Canon and the Hon. Mrs., Bournemouth.
Elliott, Colonel and Miss Hambley, Bournemouth.
Fairbank, the Rev. R. and Miss, Rowlands, Wimborne.
Farquharson, Mr. and Mrs. E. and party, Huish, Blandford.
Farquharson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Tarrant Gunville, Blandford.
Fowler, Mr. R.C., Grammar School, Wimborne.
Fellowes, General and Mrs., Branksome Park, Bournemouth.
Fox, Mr. D.M. and the Misses, Parkdale, Bournemouth.
Forde, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Luscombe, Parkstone.
Fletcher, Mr. Walter and Mrs., Wimborne.
Farmer, Mr. H., Mayor of Poole.
Forfar, Mr. and Mrs. Bentinck, Trelawne, Branksome.
Greenhill, Mr. and Mrs., Ensbury, Kinson, Wimborne.
Greenhill, Mr. F.M., Longham, Wimborne.
Glyn, Sir R., Lady, and Miss and party, Gaunts, Wimborne.
Graham, Dr. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Greathead, Mr., Lady and Misses, Uddens, Wimborne.
Glyn, Mr., Mrs. and the Misses, Woodleaze, Wimborne.
Greensill, Dr. and Mrs., Deesa, Parkstone.
Griggs, Dr. and Mrs. G., Oak Cottage, Parkstone.
Hawley, Major General and Miss, Uplands, Colehill, Wimborne.
Harvey, Mr. H.F. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Hawkes, the Rev. C. and Mrs., Broadstone, Wimborne.
Huyshe, the Rev. F. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Harris, Colonel and Mrs., West Borough, Wimborne.
Hooper, the Rev. R.J., Wimborne.
Hill, Mr. Broster, Parkstone.
Hine, Dr., Mrs. and Miss H., Chelmsford House, Parkstone.
Hamilton, Mrs. and Miss H., High Moor, Parkstone.
Highmore, Dr. and the Misses, Hardibrow, Alumhurst Road, Bournemouth.
Hitchcock, Dr. and Mrs., Christowell, Branksome, Bournemouth.
Ingham, Mr. and Mrs., Canford, Wimborne.
Jacob, the Rev. W., North Road, Parkstone.
Kennaway, the Rev. C. and Mrs., henbury, Wimborne.
Knox, Colonel and Mrs., Worfield, Bournemouth.
Krauss, the Rev. A., Maisonette, Parkstone.
Kean, Mr. H. and Mrs. Parry Davis, Westowock, Parkstone.
Lewis, Mr. and Miss, Springfield, Parkstone.
Laidleys, Mrs. and Misses.
Lawton, Dr. and Mrs., Poole.
Lawson, the Rev. J. and Mrs., Poole.
Lees, Mrs., Miss and party, Beaucroft, Wimborne.
Lees, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott and party, Stone Park, Wimborne.
Lecren, the Misses, Kinson, Wimborne.
Lane, Major General Powlett, Mrs. and party, Glendon, Wimborne.
Lang, Mr. Wanklyn and Miss Clara Lang, St. Katherine's, Parkstone, Lascelles, the Hon, and Mrs., Sutton Waldron House, Blandford.
La Touche, Mrs. and Miss, Bankside, Parkstone.
Loyd, Mrs. Jones and the Misses J.L., Fern Cliif, East Cliff Road, Bournemouth.
Lambert, Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs., Rowlands, Wimborne.
Malmesbury, the Earl, Countess and party, Heron Court.
Miles, Mr. and Mrs. and party, The Knole, Wimborne.
Monro, Mr., Mrs. and Miss, Edmondsham, Salisbury.
Maclean, General, Miss and party, Wimborne.
Marriott, Sir William and Lady, Down House, Blandford.
Monro, Mr. and Mrs. Hector, Chettle Lodge, Blandford.
Morford, the Rev. Father, St. Mary's, Poole.
McNicoll, Dr. and Mrs., Poole.
Mackintosh, Dr. and Mrs., Poole.
Mayor of Poole.
Muir, Mr. and Mrs. and the Misses, Staunton Harrold, Parkstone.
Nelson, Earl and Countess and party, The Lodge, Parkstone.
Norreys, Lord and Lady, Iwerne, Blandford.
Normanton, Earl and Countess of, and the Ladies Agar, Somerley, Ringwood.
Okedon, Colonel, Mrs. and party, Blandford.
Peel, General, Corfe Lodge, Wimborne.
Paterson, Mr.C., Mrs. and Miss, Canford.
Palmer, Mrs. and Miss Macartney, Littleton, Blandford.
Patey, the Rev., Mrs., Miss and Mr., Hampreston Rectory, Wimborne.
Parke, Mr. and Mrs. E., Henbury, Wimborne.
Parke, Mrs. and Mrs., the Misses, and party, Wimborne.
Paget, the Rev. Cecil and Mrs., Holt, Wimborne.
Parkinson, Dr. S. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Parkinson, Dr. C and Miss, Wimborne.
Plumptre, the Rev. R.W. and Miss, Corfe Mullen Rectory, Wimborne.
Pack, the Rev. H. and Mrs., Poole.
Pontifex, the Rev. S. and Mrs., Hillside, Parkstone.
Philpots, Dr. and Mrs., Moorcroft, Parkstone.
Price, Mr. and Mrs. Mostyn, The Lions, Bournemouth.
Prior, Mr. H.N., solicitor, Poole.
Pearce, Mr. W. Springfield, Parkstone.
Parish, The Rev. W.O. and Mrs. (vicar of Longfleet), Fernside.
Parsons, Mrs., Dalos Lodge, Parkstone.
Rawlins, Mr. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Rawlins, Mr. W., Wimborne.
Rodgett, Mrs., Miss and party, Sandford, Wareham.
Russell, Colonel and Mrs., Kinson, Wimborne.
Richards, the Rev. J. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Ram, Rev. G.S. and Hon. Mrs., St. Peter's Vicarage, Parsonage Road, Bournemouth.
Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Noble, Bramley Dene, Parkstone.
Stuart, Col. and Mrs., Manor House, Blandford.
Salmon, the rev. F. and Mts., Langton Rectory.
Savoury, Mr., Grammar school, Wimborne.
Sture, the Misses, Rowlands, Wimborne.
Selly, Mr., Mrs. and the Misses and Mr. Blake, Dene, Parkstone.
Stileman, Mr. W.G., Canford, Wimborne.
Sillifant, the Rev. C.W., Mrs. and the Misses S, St. Laurence, Parkstone.
Smith, Dr. A., Ensbury, Kinson.
Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. and party, Eastlington House, Cliff Road, Bournemouth.
Styring, Mr. and Miss, Yarrels, Poole.
Shadwell, Mr. F., Hotel Mont Dore, Bournemouth.
Thomas, the Rev. Vosper, Mrs. and Miss, Wimborne.
Todd, Colonel, Mrs. and party, Keynstone.
Truell, General and Mrs., Wimborne.
Turner, Major and Mrs. Spencer, the Misses, Allandale, Wimborne.
Turner, Dr. and Mrs., Poole.
Tanner, Mr. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Trevanion, Mr. and Mrs., Poole.
Travers, Mr. F. Poole.
Todd, Mr. and Mrs. D'Arcy, Poole.
Walmesley, Mr. and Mrs., Eversfield, Parkstone.
Wyke-Smith, Dr. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Wienholt, the Misses and party, Morley House, Wimborne.
Wynne, the Rev. W., Mrs. and Miss, Whitchurch Rectory, Blandford.
Webb, Mr. and Mrs., Wimborne.
Walker, the Rev. R. and Mrs., Poole.
Williams, the Rev. J.S., Mrs. and Miss W.P., Canford.
Wardley, the Rev.
Weldon, Dr. and Mrs., Kinson.
Webb, Mrs. and Miss W., Heathside, Parkstone.
Walrond, Mrs. Montague, parkstone.
Wanklyn, Mr. J.L., Hotel Mont dore, Bournemouth.
Vernede, Dr. and Mrs., Poole.
Usherwood, Canon, Mrs. and the Misses, Rossmore, Parkstone.

Prince Albert Victor left Canford yesterday, Friday morning, and travelled to London by the 11:10 express from Wimborne.

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