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The Victims of Jack the Ripper

Below is a list of victims believed to have been killed at the hands of Jack the Ripper. Although many on the list have been disregarded by most Ripperologists, they are included here for you to formulate your own opinion on their victim status.

There are five victims that have historically been "generally accepted" as victims of Jack the Ripper. These five are often refered to as the "canonical" victims. But there were many other grisly murders that came before and after these canonical five which some theorists over the years have argued should be included as genuine victims of Jack the Ripper.

Generally Accepted (Canonical) Victims

The graves of the canonical victims still exist, though some are in varying states of decay. Photographs are available here.

Other Alleged Ripper Victims

A white asterisk (*) indicates an artist's rendition by Ian D. Marsden.

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