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Irish Times
Dublin, Ireland
Friday, 28th September 1888


The confession of the man John Fitzgerald to the Hanbury street murder, coming as it does so soon after the sensational statement by the coroner at the inquest yesterday, is not regarded as likely to throw much light on the terrible mystery. Additional weight, on the other hand, is given to the theory advanced by the coroner, by the news that the mysterious American has applied to several other medical institutions. With these facts in mind public feeling has become extremely sensitive with regard to the inability of the police to track down the murderer, and meetings are being organised on a large scale in the East End to bring pressure to bear on the Government to offer a big reward and to grant a free pardon to any accomplice who did not actually commit the crime, and who is willing to turn Queen's evidence.



As a consequence of the startling statement made yesterday, by the coroner, public interest in the fate of the unfortunate Annie Chapman is revived. The clue afforded by the coroner I being followed by the police, who have now had information in their possession for a week. They are also searching for a shabby genteel man seen in Chapman's company shortly before the murder. The facts ascertained now show the object of the murders of Nicholls and Chapman was the same.

A bricklayer, who had evidently been drinking, stated to the Wandsworth police last night that he committed the Whitechapel murder. He is detained, but his statement is not credited.

The name of the man who made the confession is John Fitzgerald. He will be charged at the Thames Police Court.


John Fitzgerald, who is under arrest at Leman Street, Whitechapel, Police Station, from Wandsworth, on his own confession of the murder of Annie Chapman, has not been liberated. Notwithstanding a searching investigation, nothing has been discovered to justify the authorities in charging him.

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