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Times (London)
Thursday, 9 April 1889


CONSTABLE FROST, 154H, appeared to answer an adjourned summons charging him with assaulting Louis Diemshitz, steward of the International Working Men's Club, Berner-street, St. George's. On the 16th ult. there was a demonstration of the Jewish unemployed, organized by the Socialists, and a disturbance took place in front of the club in Berner-street, during which Diemshitz and others were arrested. They were afterwards charged at the Thames Police-court, and committed for trial. Later on a summons was obtained by Diemshitz against Frost. Mr. W. M. Thompson, barrister, appeared to prosecute: and Mr. St. John Wontner defended. After hearing further evidence yesterday, Mr. Saunders said the case for the prosecution had completely broken down. The summons would be dismissed.

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