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Times (London)
Tuesday, 19 March 1889


At the Thames Police-court, before Mr. Saunders, LOUIS DIEMSHITZ [Diemschutz], an unlicensed hawker, of 40, Berner-street, St. George's; SAMUEL FRIEDMAN, cap blocker, of 81, Weaver-street, Spitalfields, and ISAAC KOZEBRODSKE, a machinist, of 40, Old Ford-road, Bethnal-green, were charged with being disorderly persons, and concerned together in assaulting Israel Sunshine, Isaac Solomons, Emanuel Snapper, and Emanuel Jacobs, of Berner-street, St. George's. They were further charged with assaulting Constables James Frost, 154 H, and George Harris, 269 H, while in the execution of their duty. They were also charged with assaulting Julius Barnett. Inspector A. Thresher, H Division, watched the case for the Commissioners of Police. The disturbance arose out of the demonstration by the Jewish unemployed, which was organized by 15 Socialists on Saturday last. Israel Sunshine, 119, Wentworth-dwellings, Whitechapel, said between 2 and 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoon he was walking down Berner-street. He saw some boys and girls knocking at the doors of the Socialist Club. Suddenly some 20 or 30 men, armed with sticks, rushed out of the club, and attacked everyone indiscriminately. Friedman, said "I will do for someone to-night, and do not care if I get 12 months for it." Witness was then struck in the mouth, and about the body. Neither of the prisoners struck him. Julius Barnett said on Saturday afternoon he went down Berner-street. A number of Socialists rushed out of the club and attacked everyone. Friedman struck witness with a stick. Emanuel Snapper, 5, Sheridan-street, deposed Friedman was the ringleader of the Socialists. Witness was struck about the body. He saw Diemshitz strike the people. The disturbance arose through the Socialists marching to the great synagogue. Witness saw the police officers pulled into the Socialists' Club, and when there they were assaulted. Constable Frost said after the Socialist meeting a crowd of 200 or 300 persons got outside the Socialists' Club in Berner-street. Witness saw Diemshitz and Friedman come out with their coats off, followed by about 30 other persons. A free fight then began, through the Socialists attacking the people outside. Witness told Diemshitz he was a police officer, and tried to stop him from striking one of the witnesses, but the prisoner took no notice of him. Diemshitz afterwards made a savage kick at witness, who fell backwards, and the blow caught him on the leg. Witness caught hold of him, but he was pulled away. Witness was then dragged into the passage of the club, where he was assaulted by a number of men and women. During the struggle the prisoner Kozebrodske struck him a blow on the head with a broom handle. In trying to get out of the place he was again assaulted. Witness felt the effects of the assaults very much. He denied striking Diemshitz first. Constable Harris gave further evidence, and Mr Saunders at this stage remanded the prisoners until Wednesday, and agreed to accept bail for their appearances.

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