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Morning Advertiser (London)
4 December 1888


Yesterday Mr. Saunders, presiding magistrate at the Thames Police Court, received a letter addressed to "Mr. Saunders, Chief Magistrate, Police Court, Whitechapel." The contents were as follows:-

"Dr. Pal - I am still at liberty. The last job in Whitechapel was not bad, but I mean to surprise them on the next. Shall joint it. Ha! ha! ha! After that shall try on the lazy louchers who live on unfortunates. We have just enrolled several pals for the job. I am in the country now for the the benefit of my health. I met the super here (Wellingborough) the other day, and like him immense. He looks like a yard of pump water starched. Shall try a job here next time. So look out for news from Jack the Ripper."


Mr. Monro, the new Chief Commissioner of Police, took over office at Scotland yard yesterday morning, and received the congratulations of the heads of the various departments under his appointment.

Alfred Eagleton, 26, was charged with threatening to stab Police Sergeant Roskelly, 4 H R. The sergeant said early on Monday morning he was in Dellow street, St. George's. He saw Eagleton go up to a man and a woman and ask for money. They refused to give him any, and the woman told him to go away. Prisoner said, "I will rip you up if you don't look out," and he pulled out an open knife. Witness went up to him, when he said, "I would as soon go for you as not," and held up the knife in a threatening manner. Witness closed with him, but he managed to escape and ran away. About five minutes afterwards he returned and followed the man and woman. Witness heard the woman scream out and say, "He has killed me." Witness rushed up, when Eagleton again raised his knife, which he was still holding in his hand, and said, "I will go for you." He got the knife from the prisoner and took him to the station. The woman appeared to be badly hurt. Eagleton was known as a very dangerous man. Mr. Saunders remanded the prisoner.