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The Daily Telegraph

Page 3



Mr. PICKERSGILL: I beg to ask the Home Secretary a question of which I have given him private notice. I wish to know under what circumstances Mr. James Monro has retired from the office of Assistant-Commissioner of Police; whether he is now in the public service, and, if so, in what capacity?

Mr. MATTHEWS: Mr. Monro, to my great regret, has thought it necessary to resign the office of Assistant-Commissioner on account of differences of opinion between himself and the Commissioner on questions of police administration. As to the second part of the question, I can only say that I have made arrangements to enable me to have the benefit of Mr. Monro's advice in relation to crime when it may be desirable.

Mr. PICKERSGILL: Am I to understand a new office has been created?

Mr. MATTHEWS: I can add nothing to the answer I have already given. (A laugh.)

Mr. BRADLAUGH: In reference to the answer just given by the Home Secretary, I beg to give notice that I shall call attention to the matter in moving the reduction of the police vote.

UNEMPLOYED. - A memorandum has been issued by the Mansion House Conference on the condition of the unemployed, in which it is stated "that several plans were considered by them, and for some reason set aside. One such plan was the establishment of a 'home colony,' which was to be a kind of self-contained industrial and agricultural community composed of permanent settlers. With many modifications the plan of a 'labourers' colony' or 'training farm' was adopted. The conference have decided to continue their sittings with a view to establishing a colony or farm of this kind on a small scale, and those who are interested in the question are invited to communicate with Mr. J. H. Allen, 46a, Pall-mall, S. W., one of the members of the committee who has kindly undertaken to correspond on its behalf."

Page 5


In pursuance of the powers vested in him, the Commissioner of Police of the City of London and the liberties thereof has made the following regulations with respect to Lord Mayor's Day: 1. On Friday, the 9th inst., from the hour of ten a.m. until the Lord Mayor's procession has returned to the Guildhall, and for such longer period as may be found necessary, the following streets and approaches thereto will be closed to all wheeled traffic: Gresham-street West, St. Martin's-le-Grand, Cheapside, Poultry, Mansion House-street, Cornhill, Leadenhall-street, Billiter-street, Fenchurch-street, Mincing-lane, Great Tower-street, East-cheap, King William-street, Queen Victoria-street, Cannon-street, St. Paul's-churchyard, Ludgate-hill, Fleet-street, Victoria Embankment, Queen-street, and King-street. 2. No procession, other than that of the Lord Mayor, nor any organised body of persons, shall, on that day, be, or pass in, or along, any street or thoroughfare within the City of London and its Liberties.

The Lord Mayor Elect and Mr. A. J. Newton, Sheriff of London and Middlesex, have provided a treat for 2,000 destitute people at the East-end of London on Lord Mayor's Day. A substantial meat tea will be given them in the Tower Hamlets Mission Hall, of which Mr. F. N. Charrington is honorary superintendent, and it will be followed by a bright and amusing entertainment. The Lord Mayor Elect has also, in addition to the benefactions which have been previously announced, arranged special and suitable gifts to the eighty inmates of the City of London Union now in hospital at Margate, and to 260 children from the same union now in the schools at Hanwell. The total number entertained on the 9th by the new Lord Mayor will exceed 10,000. No condition has been imposed, except that the recipients shall be the poor and needy.

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