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Evening Star (Washington, D.C.)
4 June 1889


A Belief that He Has Resumed His Bloody Work

London, June 4.
The denizens of Horsleydown, on the southern side of the Thames, were thrown into a fever of excitement this morning, by the discovery in the river of the lower portions of a woman's body cut into pieces. The rest of the body and the legs were no where to be seen. These ghastly objects were tied in a parcel with a stout cord. Shortly afterward a parcel of female clothing was found at Battersea. Both the fragments of the body and the clothes were wrapped in pieces of cloth, which together had comprised a pair of woman's drawers. On the waistband of the drawers was the name "Fisher" in indelible ink. It is evident that the clothing found belongs to the murdered woman. The portions of the trunk showed the woman to have been large and well developed. They had apparently been in the water about ten days. The discovery has revived the excitement which prevailed during the period of the Whitechapel horrors, and it is generally believed that "Jack the Ripper" has resumed his bloody work.

At Battersea were also found the thighs of a female, showing conclusive evidences of having been cut from the trunk found at Horsleydown. They too were wrapped in pieces if the pair of drawers.

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