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Michael Barrett's Confessions
January 25 1995

From a sworn affidavit:

Thursday 26th January 1995


Further to my statement of the 23rd January 1995, I have since contacted the Police and I am told that the Crime No is 16391.J.95.CR.001, and that this Invetigation (sic) has now been allocated to a Detective at Copperas Hill Police Station on 'A' Block.

At this time I am staying at an address that is only known to Mr Gray because this matter is becoming very serious, I have already had threats, my home attacked, and all this is ledged with the Police, also my phone wires were cut and now I have been beaten up, perhaps when they find me dead one day they might take me seriously.

On Wednesday 18th January 1995 when they all called at my home I was pressurised by them. Feldman's man Skinner came earlier than the others and started a tape recording off and my very words at the begining (sic) were, "FELDMAN YOU BASTARD GO AND GET FUCKED, BECAUSE YOU ARE A BLOODY BIG MAN WITH A HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY AND AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED, I WILL NEVER GIVE INTO YOU. I REFUSE TO BE BLACKMAILED". The tape carried on as the other three people arrived, Mrs Harrison, Sally Emmy, and a man who said, "he was an Independent Adviser'. I made reference on Tape that the hatred between Ann Barrett and I must stop. The Independent Advisor never said a word, but the others made it clear to me that if the 'Diary of Jack the Ripper' is genuine I would get my money in June 1995, however due to my Solicitor advising me some time before this meeting, that I had been granted legal aid to take Shirley Harrison to Court, along with Robert Smith and that if I stay quiet I would get my money, so this being the case I decided to collaboarate with these people and Anne's story by supporting the Diary., much to my regret but at the time I did not know what to do.

I was also afraid that if Anne and I get arrested for fraud what would happen to our daughter. I did not know who the Independent Advisor was and I felt a serious threat to me either through the Law or if I did'nt (sic) conform personal injury maybe. My wife has for the past 12 months kept my daughter away from me and used her to threaten me and blackmail me that I will not see her again if I don't co-operate.

Paul Feldman in June 1994 contacted me by telephone and I quote him "BARRETT I WILL FUCKIN GAURANTEE (sic) I WILL DESTROY YOU AND YOU WILL NOT SEE YOU (sic) WIFE AND DAUGHTER, EVER AGAIN".

This is the type of pressure I have been under and there is no doubt in my mind that Paul Feldman in particular wants me dead.

I should inform you that I actually worked as a Barman in the Post House Public House about 7 years ago and I gained a full know-ledge of the history of the old pub, and I decided when writing the Diary that I would put the name Post House in knowing full well that it had been called the 'Muck Midden' in the 1800's. This fact could actually be established and in particularly by me should I later need to prove what I had done.

I am ready now should it be necessary to speak to the Detectives from Scotland Yard who saw me some time ago., Detective Thomas.

When writing the Diary Devereux was a tremendous help to Anne and I but we did not go to anyone else for advice in the matter.

I know its old hat and I am sick of trying to convince people about it but the truth is I wrote the Diary of Jack the Ripper and my wife Anne Barrett transcribed it onto the old photograph Album.

I should also mention that because of personal injury to my right hand and arm I now sign as best I can with my left hand.

Signed: M. Barrett (practically illegible)

Taken by me at the dictation of Mr. Barret: (Signature)

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