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Witnesses: Was Israel Schwartz a form of Patsy - by drstrange169 2 hours ago.

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Ripperologist No. 54: July 2004

1. No Stranger to the Knife
Editorial by Eduardo Zinna
28. Newspaper Trawl
Information unearthed by Chris Scott
33. I Beg to Report
All the news thatís fit to print. And sometimes not...
40. On the Crimebeat
Wilf Gregg on True Crime books you simply should have on your shelf
45. The Last Word
Words of wisdom from Christopher-Michael DiGrazia
6. Jack the Ripper on Old Time Radio
Paul Begg narrates a history of the Ripperís appearance on the airwaves
12. Albert Backert
Chris Scott relates the media career of the eventual Chairman of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee
18. The Peopleís Palace
Coral Kelly local history tour continues with Walter Besantís vision
21. Jack gets into the Groove: the Vinyl Solution
Andy Aliffe on the Ripperís appearance on audio recordings from 1913
41. The Victorian Policeman; Violence and Crime in Nineteenth Century England; The Great Shakespeare Fraud; Mr Stanley, I Presume; John Ruskin Selected Writings; The Pig-faced Lady of Manchester Square & Other Medical Marvels and more!

COVER ILLUSTRATION: Old Time Radio stars Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre and Orson Welles. ©Adam Wood

QUOTES OF THE MONTH: Thereís been a veritable bagful of topical Ripper quotes over the past couple of months:

ďOf, course if he gets sent off against Croatia and England lose 3-0, then heíll be the biggest villain since Jack the Ripper, but then footballís a funny old game, isnít it?í Liam Paterson writing of England goal scorer Wayne Rooney in The Scotsman, 18 June 2004. Rooney, of course, didnít get sent off, but scored two of Englandís four winning goals against Croatia. After which, of courseÖ

ďAs surely as night follows day, as surely as penalty shootout defeat stalks the England football team like Jack the Ripper, so Wimbledon ends in torment for Henman.Ē Steven Howard in The Sun, 1 July 2004

ďWhatís happening instead is weíre having an investigation by the military of the military. And with the latest form of the US military, itís like getting Jack the Ripper to review Jack the Ripper. Thereís no way that it could be properly perceived that it could be a fair review, and it will be in the self-interest of the US military.Ē Stephen Hopper, lawyer defending Mamdouh Habib, an Australian terrorist suspect allegedly abused by American soldiers at Guantanamo Bay. SBS News, 4 June 2004.

We occasionally use material we believe has been placed in the public domain. It is not always possible to identify and contact the copyright holder; if you claim ownership of something we have published we will be pleased to make a proper acknowledgement.

We would like to acknowledge the valuable assistance given by the following people in the production of this issue of Ripperologist: John A Kessell, Tempelman Library, University of Kent. Thank you!