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Shades of Whitechapel: The Zodiac Killer - by Abby Normal 3 hours ago.
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Ripperologist No. 22: April 1999


Page One:

Editorial Comment...


Page Three:

Speakers Corner:



Introducing Mike Barrett



In the Next Issue


Page Four:

"...I Beg to Report..."



Notes and News


Page Seven:

Advance Warning:



Publications on the horizon


Page Nine:

"...Respectfully Submitted..."



Letters to the Editor


Page Ten:

The Magical Witnesses

Bob Hinton

Page Twelve:

From the Archives



East London Advertiser - Saturday 7th April 1888


Page Thirteen:

The Corpse at Number Thirteen

Nicki Darling

Page Fourteen:

I Bet You Didn't Know That...


Page Fifteen:

"Specially Employed"

Bernie Brown

Page Seventeen:

Unlikely Suspects

Wilf Gregg

Page Nineteen:

Ditties on Death

Andy Aliffe


Broadside Ballad Murder Sheets


Page Twenty-Two:

Ha! Ha! The Caption Competition compiled by -

Patrick Jepher

Page Twenty-Three:

Dr. Halstead of the London Hospital

Christopher T George

Page Twenty-Seven:

Signs of the Times



An East End Lodging House in 1888

Gerry Nixon

Page Twenty-Nine:

Mary Kelly - The (not so) Simple Truth

Bill Beadle

Page Thirty-One:

Views from the Past:

George R Sims


from Lloyd's Weekly News - 22nd September 1907


Page Thirty-Three:

Minor Points?

Bob Hinton

Page Thirty-Four:

Jack the Ripper - A New Theory

Trevor Spinage

Page Thirty-Five:

Will the Real St Saviour's Ever be Found?

Andy and Sue Parlour

Page Thirty-Six:

Search and Find



The Pubs and Beer Houses of Whitechapel - Part I





Page Thirty-Nine:

From Hell - A Melodrama by Alan Moore/Eddie Campbell

John Carey


Jack the Ripper: An American View by Stephen Wright

Dr Frederick Walker

Page Forty:

The Whitechapel Atrocities - a facsimile from Andy Aliffe

Paul Daniel

Page Forty-One:

The Mammoth Book of Unsolved Crime ed: Roger Wilkes

Paul Daniel

Page Forty-Two:

Paradox by R A Patterson          _

Martin Fido

Page Forty-Three:

The Last Victim by Anne Graham and Carol Emmas

Paul Begg

Page Forty-Four:

The Mammoth Book of JTR ed: Jakubowski/Braund

Paul Daniel

Page Forty-Six:



Page Forty-Six:

C&D Club Diary



Activities at the C&D Club


Page Forty-Seven:


Adam Wood


A summary of the last Cloak and Dagger Club meeting


Page Forty-Eight:

Ripperologist and The Cloak and Dagger Club


Inside Back Cover:

General Information...


On the Cover

The pretty girl selling song sheets belongs on page 19, likewise, the headlines from the broadside ballad sheets
mentioned in Andy Aliffe's article. The pub scene relates to the first of our listing of the pubs and beerhouses in
Whitechapel in 1888. The picture comes from an 1879 edition of The Graphic and was 'drawn from life'.

This issue of Ripperologist is 52 pages and contains over 39,700