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Ripperologist No. 16: April 1998


Page One:                     Editorial Comment

Page Two:                    Advance Warning

New publications on the horizon

Page Three:                   '...I Beg to Report...'

Notes and News

Page Five:                     `...Respectfully Submitted...'

Letters to the Editor

Page Eight:                    Mary Kelly in the 1881 Census                                                  John Carey

Page Twelve:                 From the Archive:

Two reports on Annie Millwood - 31 March 1888 and 7 April 1888

Page Thirteen:               Robert Lees' Omnibus Journey                                                  Bernard Brown

Page Sixteen:                The Ripper's Apprentices                                                          Wilf Gregg

Page Seventeen:            The Victim Photographs                                                           Stawell Heard

Page Twenty-One:           Signs of the Times                                                                   Paul Daniel

A Short Account of St Mary's Matfelon

Page, Twenty-Five:          The Oldest Profession                                                              Andy and Sue Parlour

Page, Twenty-Seven:      From the East London Advertiser - "The Raid on East End Brothels"

To be read in conjunction with the previous article,

Page Twenty-Nine:           Dead Men Tell No Tales                                                            Alan Hayday

Page Thirty-One­           Lewis Carroll and The Whitechapel Murderers                                Eduardo Zinna

Page Thirty-Two:             The Hanbury Street Graffito                                                     Adrian Morris

Page Thirty-Three:          Which Flank Jack?                                                                    David Cobb

Page Thirty-Four:            Dr Bond's Notes and Post-Mortem on Mary Kelly

Page Thirty-Five:             The Key                                                                                  Des McKenna

Page Thirty-Six:             Who was Jack-the-Ripper?                                                        Dr Harold Dearden

from Great Unsolved Crimes pub: Hutchinson - 1935

Page Thirty-Eight:            The Cloak and Dagger Christmas Quiz                                      Paul Begg

Reprinted by request

Page Thirty-Nine:            Donald McCormick - an Obituary                                              Paul Daniel


Page Forty:                         Biography: Jack the Ripper (Video)                                       Adam Wood

The Journey of Mary Kelly by Sian Evans (Play script)            Adam Wood

Page Forty-One:                  The "Y" Files - Psychic TV Programme featuring JTR                Paul Daniel

Page Forty-Two:              Proceedings

A Summary of the last Cloak and Dagger Club meeting          Adam Wood

Page Forty-Three             In the Next Issue

Page Forty-Four:             Whitechapel Whispers - Pt VI                                                    ? ? ?

Inside Back Cover:          General Information