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West Ham Guardian (U.K.)
Saturday, 28 September 1889


The officers of the Criminal Investigation Department have, up to the time of the receipt of this report, failed to discover any clue with reference to the Whitechapel murders. They receive information from every part of the metropolis that a person answering the description of "Jack the Ripper" has been seen, but the information has led to no tangible result. The other day a piece of paper, which had been found in a letter-box in the Marylebone district, was placed in the hands of the authorities. On one side was written, "Please take this to Scotland-yard, for the death was wish, and he did not care if they caught him." On the other side was written, "Tell the girls at Mile-end that he should take her arms away and commit other mutilations, because when he came over here he was met by one of those girls, who gave him a disease, in consequence of which he meant to go on having someone till he got hold of the right one. They might watch him, but still would not be able to catch him." The letter was signed "Jack the Ripper."