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Times (London)
21 March 1890


By his will with a codicil dated November 27, 1888, the late Sir William Withey Gull, of 74, Brook-street, M.D., who died on January 29 last, aged 74 years, leaving personally valued at £344,022 19s. 7d., appointed as executors his wife, Dame Susan Anne Gull, his son, Sir William Cameron Gull, of Gloucester-street, Portman-square, the present baronet, Mr. Edmund Hobhouse, and Mr. Walter Barry Lindley, and bequeathed to the acting executors £500 each, to Miss Mary Jackson £300, to two nieces £100 each, to Lady Gull's maid £200, to his amanuensis, Miss Susan Spratt, £50, and to his butler, William Brown, £32 10s. a year for his life. The testator made heirlooms of his presentation plate and of the jeweled snuffbox given him by the Empress Eugénie, and bequeaths the remainder of his plate, his pictures, furniture, and household effects and £3,000 to Lady Gull, who is to have the use for her life of the house in Brook-street, and a life annuity of £3,000 to commence 12 months after the testator's death. He bequeaths £26,000 in trust for his daughter, Caroline, wife of Mr. Theodore Dyke-Acland; and £40,000 to his son, Sir William Cameron Gull, upon whom he entails all his real estate, and leaves the residue of his personal estate in trust for the purchase of real estate in England or Scotland, but not in Ireland, to be held with the entailed estate.

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