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Times (London)
1 December 1875

ST. ANDREW'S-DAY AT ETON.-St. Andrew's-day was observed at Eton College yesterday according to ancient custom, when two football matches were played-one between the Oppidans and Collegers, and the other between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The former was played, as usual, at half-past 12, "at the wall," and, notwithstanding a cold north-east wind, with a fall of sleet, the game was witnessed by a large number of spectators. The sides were:-Oppidans-F.H. Pickering, G. Cunard, C. Rathbone (walls), P.C. Novelli, H. Cooper (seconds), A.J. Bright (third), C.W. Selwyn (fourth), J.M. Post (line), E. J. Ruggles-Brise (captain and flying man), L. Bury (long behind), J. Wakefield (goal keeper). Collegers-E.C. Berry, J.K. Stephen, R.H. Macaulay (walls), W. H. Rawnsley, H.C. Goodhart (seconds), J.B.J. Chevallier (third), J. Wilson (fourth), R.E. Pashley (line), C.W. Haig-Brown (flying man), J.J. Tuck (long behind), C.W. Foley (captain and goal keeper.) The umpires were the Rev. A. Carter and Mr. F. Tarver. The game commenced punctually at 12:30 p.m. with the customary bully in the centre of the wall, the Oppidans kicking towards Good Calx, and during the first half hour the Oppidans kept the wall near their opponent's calx, but it was kicked out without obtaining anything. After change, the play for the first quarter of an hour was very evenly contested, but during the latter part of the game the Oppidans forced the ball by some excellent bullies twice into the Collegers' calx, but it was on both occasions sent out without scoring, and when time was called the game resulted in a draw, although the Oppidans decidedly had the best of the game. The Oxford and Cambridge University field match came off at 2 40 on the Timbrels. Oxford, winning the toss, kicked for the first half hour from the Gas Works, with a light wind in their favour. Notwithstanding this advantage, Cambridge made some excellent runs and took the ball several times to the Oxford lines, and eventually obtained a rouge. After change the Cambridge secured a second rouge, and when time was called they were the winners by two rouges. The sides were:-Cambridge-H. Remington Wilson (captain), A.C. Cole, J.E.C. Welldon, W.G. Milman, Hon. E. Lyttelton, Hon. A. Lyttelton, Hon. A. De Grey, J.L. Hervey, E. Wigram, A.H. Cooke, J.F. Chance; Oxford-E. Hanbury, M. Cabube, F.E. Nugec, F.M. Buckland, H.P. Alleyne, J. Ellison, H.J. Gladstone, T.C. Edwards-Moss, L. Cholmondeley, A.H. Todd, M. Edwards. Mr. C.W. Selwyn and Mr. L. Bury officiated as umpires.

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