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Qu'Appelle Vidette
21 April 1892

Australia's Jack the Ripper Will be Tried for Murder

The first evidence submitted was that of the doctor who found the body. There was intense excitement as the witness gave the ghastly details of the finding of the body, which, he said, had been doubled up, evidently with the object of saving labor in digging the grave.

Throughout the hearing Deeming wore a careless air, and on several occasions laughed loudly at some of the statements.

An ironmonger named Woods and his wife testified that they had sold the prisoner a spade, a trowel, and a barrel of cement on Dec. 17th.

When Miss Rouncewell, to whom he was to have been married, was called, her identification of Deeming produced a marked effect on him. He turned ghastly pale, fidgeted nervously and kept his eyes upon her, evidently anxious to attract her attention. She would not look at him after the identification, but sat quietly listening to the inquest.

To place the question of Deeming's identity beyond all doubt, he was placed in the courtyard of the jail with 50 other prisoners. Here he was seen and identified by 52 persons who had known him under 15 aliases.

He became wild with rage, and breaking from his guards rushed upon those who had identified him and struck one of them a severe blow. He attempted to hit others but they eluded him and finally the infuriated man was overpowered. He believes the game has ended for him, and a close watch is kept to prevent him from killing himself.

Notwithstanding the fact that the jury, which was investigating into the death of Mrs. Deeming, who was murdered at her home at Windsor, a suburb of this city, yesterday returned a verdict of wilful murder against her husband, Deeming today shows the same characteristics that have marked him since his arrest. The verdict does not seem to affect him in the least, and he is in turn jocular and insolent. The more the man is studied the deeper becomes the belief of many persons that he is utterly without conscience and equally devoid of fear. Those who have studied him closely, however, think his conduct is mere bravado and that when he finds the noose tightening about his neck he will become an abject coward.

The Globe says the police have been unable to trace Deeming's exact whereabouts at the time these murders were committed in Whitechapel. It is thought that with the clue furnished them by the girl, some startling developments may be looked for and that the Whitechapel mystery may at last be solved.

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