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Ogden Standard
Utah, USA
18 March 1892


Liverpool, March 17.
Today a gardener who lives next door to where the bodies of the women (sic) and three children, supposed to be the victims of Jack the Ripper, were found, recognized the eldest body as that of the woman he had seen in the backyard of Dinham Villa August 9th. last. August 10th. He heard the children screaming, but paid no attention, thinking perhaps some children had been hurt. He never saw the woman or children again.

Another man recognized the body as that of Marie Deening (sic), who had been in the employ of a Liverpool fishmonger. Williams married her under the name of Deening, at that time describing himself as a mining engineer. Williams and his wife afterward went to Hull, where Williams was arrested, convicted of forgery and sentenced to one year's imprisonment.

On being discharged he married a young woman in Hull, deserted her and returned to Marie.

Accompanied by Marie, Williams went to Capetown and then returned to Birkenhead. The man believed Williams was the same individual who married a young lady named Matheson at Beverly in 1890, assuming the name of Harry Lawson. He then described himself as a large farmer in Australia, and gave a number of valuable presents to Miss Matheson.

He deserted her and absconded to South America. Miss Matheson swore out a warrant charging him with the theft of the presents he had given her. He was arrested in Uruguay and brought back to Hull and sent to jail for nine months. It is ascertained he married the deserted lady in Birkenhead in 1888.

The more the facts are brought to light the stringer grows the belief that Williams is the most consummate cold-blooded villain that this or any other country ever produced. The police believe he committed other murders.

Liverpool, March 17.
The excitement caused by the discovery of bodies buried at Rainhill yesterday shows no signs of abatement. It has been learned that Williams' proper name is Deeming. He has a brother who resides in Birkenhead, and who was summoned to attend the inquest today on the bodies of Mrs. Deeming and the four unfortunate children. He bears a striking resemblance to the murderer and had a narrow escape this afternoon from lynching at the hands of the crowd. The murderer has always been of a restless disposition. He married the woman Marie James in 1880, and she accompanied him to Australia. She remained in that country a number of years and returned to England July last, bringing with her four children. They remained with her sister until their mysterious disappearance. A dispatch from Melbourne tonight says Williams, or Deeming, is expected to reach Peyth (sic) tomorrow, where he will be remanded for court proceedings.

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