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The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate
Limerick, Ireland
Wednesday, 21st November 1888


The Central News learns that another terrible murder was committed last night near Flower and Dean street, Spitalfields. The murder took place in a lodging house, the unfortunate woman having her throat cut, and being otherwise shockingly mutilated. The murderer again escaped leaving no trace behind.

LATER - The Central News says the woman reported murdered in Whitechapel was only wounded. She was drinking with the man this morning, and he accompanied her to her lodgings. There he suddenly made an attack with a knife upon her throat. The woman struggled and screamed, and the murderer escaped after three hundred yards pursuit. It is generally believed that the would-be murderer is "Jack the Ripper," and from the victim's description, his arrest is hourly expected.

LATER STILL - The latest attempted murder has raised a fever of anxiety in Whitechapel. Dense crowds congregated and still remain round the victims lodgings and at the Commercial street police station, where she was conveyed on a street ambulance. The police can with great difficulty keep the streets clear for traffic.

LATEST - Though there is a general belief in the district that to-day's attempted murder was the work of "Jack the Ripper," the police disfavour this opinion. The excitement continues.


A communication was recently received from Birmingham detectives to the effect that a man suspected of being concerned in the Whitechapel murders has left Birmingham for London. Detectives Leach and White, of the Criminal Investigation Department, proceeded to Wellesden Junction and Euston respectively. On the arrival of the train at the latter station, Inspector White detained the suspected individual and conveyed him to Scotland Yard. He was a medical man, some years ago practising in London, with another gentleman of some repute. He had been staying at a common lodging house in Birmingham since Monday last, and somewhat corresponded with the description given at the inquest of the man last seen in company with the woman Kelly. On being questioned he gave a satisfactory account of himself, and was liberated. The Press Association believes that the police authorities have received some information to the effect that the Whitechapel murderer is supposed to travel up from Manchester, Birmingham, or some other town in the Midlands, for the purpose of committing the crimes. Detectives have been engaged at Willesden and Euston watching the arrival of trains from the midlands and the north looking for any suspicious passengers, but their efforts up to the present have not been met with success.

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