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Manchester Guardian
22 November 1888


Great excitement was caused in Spitalfields yesterday morning by a report that another murder of a woman had been discovered about eight o'clock at a lodging-house, 19, George-street--a street running from Flower and Dean-street to Thrawl-street. The report was exaggerated. It seems that at four o'clock a woman, aged about 28, went to the house with a man. It is stated that the woman was intoxicated, and commenced singing, which she continued until eight o'clock, when, according to Phillip Harris, who lodges at the house, the signing ceased. About half-past nine Harris was sitting in the kitchen eating his breakfast when he saw a man come from the room and hurriedly leave the house. About the same time the woman, who is known as "Dark Sarah," came downstairs, and Harris observed that her throat was cut, and that she was bleeding. Harris says:--"I saw what was the matter, and several of us rushed out of the house and pursued the man, who, we were told, had gone up Thrawl-street. We saw him running before us; but when we got to the corner of Brick Lane we lost sight of him. He was about 5ft. 6in. in height, and wore a thick black moustache. I noticed that he had an overcoat with a cape on it, but I did not see anything in his hand." John Arundell, a coal heaver, living at 15, Wood-street, Spitalfields, said that he went to No. 19, George-street, yesterday morning and saw the woman sitting on the bed, Dr. Phillips, the divisional surgeon, dressing her throat. After she had been attended to she got up, walked downstairs, and was placed in an ambulance and was wheeled to the Commercial-street Police Station. The woman's wounds are slight. There is a strong belief that the man who attempted the murder is the individual now known as "Jack the Ripper," and the streets were crowded with people eagerly discussing the latest outrage.

The following telegraphic communication has been circulated among the police:--"Wanted, for attempted murder, on the 21st inst., a man, aged 36 years, height 5ft. 6in., complexion dark, no whiskers, dark moustache. Dress: Black jacket, vest, and trousers, round black felt hat. Respectable appearance. Can be identified."

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