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Morning Advertiser (London)
26 October 1888


At the Guildhall Police Court yesterday, Benjamin Graham, 42, was charged on remand, before Mr. Alderman Renals, on his own confession, with having committed the murders in Whitechapel. The prisoner was taken into Snow-hill police-station on the afternoon of the 17th inst. by a man who stated that the accused had told him that he was the Whitechapel murderer. The Alderman last week remanded the case for inquiry as to the prisoner's mental condition. A doctor's certificate was now read by the chief clerk that the prisoner was not insane. Mr. Alderman Renals regretted that he was unable to punish the prisoner in some way, as the prisoner had by his foolish conduct given the police a great amount of trouble. He had no option, however, and accused would have to be discharged.

Benjamin Graham, charged on his own confession with having committed the Whitechapel murders, was brought up on remand yesterday at the Guildhall Police Court and was liberated. The magistrate expressed his regret that he had no power to punish him for the trouble he had given.

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