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The Times (London).
26 October 1888


At the Guildhall, yesterday, before Mr. Aldermen Renals, Benjamin Graham was charged on remand on his own confession with having committed the Whitechapel murders. The first hearing was reported in The Times. It was now shown that the prisoner had no traces of insanity, but it was stated that he drank heavily. The Alderman said he only regretted that he had not the power to send the accused - and all such persons - to prison. It was a mania that should be stopped. As, however, he had not that power, the prisoner must be discharged.

To the Editor of The Times


I have begun to raise a fund, to which I invite contributions from your readers, with a view of powerfully bringing the teachings of Christianity to bear on the dark corner in Whitechapel which has been disgraced by such hideous crimes. If the Gospel sufficed to change the cannibal inhabitants of the Fiji Islands into a nation of Christian worshippers, it is sufficient, and alone sufficient, to turn the darkest spots on London into gardens of the Lord.

My desire is to apply the fund in support of the following agencies:

1. To provide a colporteur to go from house to house with Christian literature for sale. 40 or 50 a year paid to the Christian Colportage Association would provide such an agent.

2. An extra London City missionary, for which about 80 to 90 per annum would be needed to be sent to the London City Mission.

3. Another Bible woman or nurse in connexion with the London Bible and Domestic Female Mission, at a cost of about 40 per annum.

4. A mission house, to be the headquarters of this united effort, part of which might be used for girls' club rooms, &c., with a resident lady to work specially among the young women of the district, with a few beds attached.

May I plead for generous and immediate help to start these various agencies at once?

Contributions may be sent to the Dowager Lady Kinnaird, 1 pall mall East, S.W., or to the "Whitechapel Fund," care of Messrs. Barclay, Ransom and Co., 1 Pall mall East, S.W.

Your obedient servant,
Mary J. Kinnaird.
1 Pall mall East, Oct. 24.

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