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Galveston Daily News
Texas, USA
2 December 1888

PROBABLY A HOAX A Very Blood Curdling Letter Received by the Minneapolis Chief of Police

Minneapolis, Minn., November 30.
The following is a verbatim copy of a letter received by the chief of police. It was written on a a foolscap sheet, which clearly furnishes at least reasonable indications that it was not written in the West Hotel as claimed. The hand is bold and round:

"Chief of Police, Minneapolis.

Gentlemen: You had better close up select houses on First street before December 8, or you will have a reign of terror and blood equal to the Whitechapel of London, England. I am a pal of Jack McCurdy, alias Jack the Ripper, of London, and have been in Minneapolis just three days and at present time am in the West Hotel writing this. The time is just 3.20 p.m., Wednesday. As soon as I finish this I go to St. Paul and make some arrangements and then on December 8 I return to Minneapolis. Then beware, for blood shall tinge the father of waters, as it has the Thames in England. Until then bye bye, and be sure you do as I direct, for the dawning of the morrow is not more sure than the death of fifteen unfortunates by my hand. So farewell, until December 8.

Yours truly, William Hollen (Alias "Knife Stab"). Late of London, England."

Underneath is a cut of a nude woman with a knife in her heart and her bowels cut open, followed by the words "This is a fair sample of what my work will be."