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Fresno Weekly Republican (California, U.S.A.)
19 December 1890

Sentenced to Death

City of Mexico, December 18.
Antonio Guerero, alias Charley Ueroy (sic), the "Jack the Ripper" of Mexico, was today convicted of eight murders and fourteen rapes. He was sentenced to death.


Charles R. Hammond Convicted of Grand Larceny

Seattle, December 17.
Charles R Hammond, of Cleveland street, London, fame, was today convicted in the superior court of grand larceny. The recent developments in the case indicate that Hammond is the victim of a conspiracy, of which Alexander Todhunter is at the head. Todhunter is supposed to be an English detective, and failing to get Hammond on British soil, charged him with stealing a sealskin sacque from Mrs. Augusta Simons, whom Todhunter induced to visit Hammond's saloon. Hammond claims that there is $250,000 at his disposal on deposit at the Bank of California and other banks, which has been thus placed by wealthy Englishmen as hush money. Hammond has been in Seattle more than one year and has abundant means. He refused to talk, but admitted having threatened to return to London. He says that parties there are trying to prevent his return, and in order to do so had Todhunter trump up the charge against him. He expects to get a new trial and says he will return to London and take the consequences, but refuses to betray the men who patronized his Cleveland street house.

The Cleveland Street Dive Keeper on Trial

Seattle, December 16.
Charles R Hammond, who became notorious through his connection with the Cleveland street scandal in London, was on trial today on a charge of grand larceny for stealing a sealskin sacque and gold watch from a woman who was drinking in his saloon here. Less than a year ago J.R. Todhunter attempted to get Hammond into British territory, there being a large reward offered for him in England, but he failed.

In September last Todhunter engaged himself as barkeeper for Hammond, and during this time said he worked up the present case against him, and that it is a case of malicious prosecution. On the stand today Hammond admitted living at No 19, Cleveland street, London, but refused to state his business. He stated that a large sum of money had been offered him to give information exposing English nobility, but he will never disclose the secret.

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