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Decatur Saturday Herald
Decatur, Illinois, U.S.A.
30 November 1889

The Unenviable Position in Which Lord Euston is Placed.

London, Nov. 27.
Though Editor Parke was unsuccessful in clearing himself of the charge of libel brought against him by Lord Euston, the admissions made by that nobleman of having visited the house in Cleveland street and having paid a sovereign, as he believed, for the privilege of witnessing an indecent performance, are not regarded as in any degree creditable to the gentleman, and by many considered to be sufficient to very much lighted the gravity of the editor's offense. It is proven by his own testimony that if his lordship did not participate in the infamous practices alleged, he was aware of their existence and paid a voluntary visit to the place of their happening in expectation of witnessing a performance little less indecent, failing to see which he became highly indignant. The magnificent display of incorruptibility made by the noble gentleman in threatening to knock the door keeper down at that functionary's suggestion of a substitute for the highly moral entertainment he had paid to see, and his subsequent prosecution of Editor Parke for connecting his name with allegations of wrongdoing, have caused many to ask why the immaculate gentleman did not report his discoveries to the authorities, thereby giving not only the offending editor but all other chroniclers the opportunity they gladly would have availed themselves of to sound his praise. Instead of doing this the gentleman, the motto of whose house is "Both the ornament and the reward is integrity," proves under his own oath that he is not the one, nor worthy of the other, and yesterday's proceedings left him in a worse plight in the eyes of decent men than the man he is pursuing in the courts.


London, Nov. 25.
The libel case of Lord Euston against Editor Parke, of the North London Press, for using Lord Euston's name in connection with the West End Club scandal, came up in court this morning. The evidence not having been prepared, the hearing was adjourned until tomorrow. Mr. Parke was remanded, but was admitted to bail in 100.

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