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Evening News
London, U.K.
6 December 1888


Mr. James Monro, C.B., the new Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, speaking last night at a banquet given by the City Police Committee at the Haberdashers' Hall, said whether they belonged to the City or the metropolis, they were all policemen, and they were all animated by the same desire and the same intentions - viz., to do their duty in every shape and way to the public, and when he said that it included everything that could be said in the way of performing their duties to the citizens, their duties to the Government, and their duties to the police force. It was only so long as they were in touch with the public that they could perform those duties. Of that there could be no doubt whatever, and he had the proud satisfaction to know even from his short connection with the police that they were in touch with the public, and long might they continue to be so. (Cheers.) So long as that continued he was perfectly certain they would continue to deserve the kind things that had been said of them by Sir Robert Peel (a previous speaker) and the public at large. He and Sir James Fraser (Commissioner of the City Police) worked together with the greatest harmony, and were animated by the simple desire to do their duty and protect the lives and property and best interests of the public.