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El Tiempo (Mexico)
30 October 1889


Jack the Ripper

The parents of the young woman most recently murdered in London by Jack the Ripper have come forward to the police stating that the victim was named Emily Barker, from Northampton, and that they have no doubt that it was their daughter.

They said she was leading an unsettled life and that not long ago she was taken off the street, half naked, by an Anglican priest. She stayed with him a short while and a few days after she left his house the other Whitechapel crime occurred. The mother of the young woman says that, among other details, she recognized the most recent victim as her daughter because she had made the shirt that she was wearing and also by a mark that she had on one finger of the right hand. The Northampton police have collaborated with the London police to further their investigations and capture the mysterious killer.

On the 6th October, a letter was received at the Press Association, the envelope of which was inscribed in a different hand from the letter which was worded as follows:

"Dear Editor, I hope to continue my work on Tuesday or Wednesday; say nothing to the police. Jack the Ripper."

The signature was underlined in a different colour.