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East London Advertiser
Saturday, 21 September 1889.


Up to Friday night, although the vigilance of the search shews no abatement, the police engaged in the investigation of the latest Whitechapel murder had been unable to obtain a satisfactory clue either to the perpetrator of the crime or to the precise locality in which it was committed. No portion of the missing head or limbs has yet been found, and no arrest has been made. For some time past the plain-clothes men have been provided with india-rubber galoshes, in order to deaden the sound of their approach, special instructions being given that dark corners or recesses should be carefully examined. These orders have since been supplemented - in fact, precautions of the most precise nature have been arranged by which it is hoped the murderer will soon be captured. As in previous murders where portions of the victim's body were missing, Inspector Regan, of the Thames police, has been engaged daily in searching the river, especially at low water, with a view to discovering, if possible, the missing head and legs. Dr. Phillips, the divisional surgeon, is particularly reticent, even to the police authorities, as to the precise result of his examination of the trunk, but it is stated that the cause of death has not yet been thoroughly established. On opening the stomach a small quantity of fluid was found, which, from its appearance, gave the impression that the unfortunate woman had been drugged, or that she met her death by poison. For this reason it is not improbable that the viscera and contents of the stomach will be submitted to an expert for analysis. The body was well nourished, and the trunk weighed about 70lb. No inquiry has been made for missing friends; but the officials are inundated with letters conveying suggestions for the capture of the murderer.


SEPTEMBER 16th. - First meeting after the recess. Mr. George Ilsley in the chair, and the following members present:- Messrs; James, Young, A. J. Johnson, J. Hall, Sparks, M. Harris, Gladding, J. Harris, Davis, Kearsey, Vile, W. C. Johnston, Trollope, Rycroft, Chillingworth, Hemsley, Van Thal, Karamelli, Noakes, Boswell, Willis, and Rev. J. H. Scott. . . .

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. - A cheque for 175 was received from the Commercial Gas Company as a contribution towards the expenses of the Board in connection with the action brought by a lamplighter who had sustained injuries through an alleged defective lamp-post, there being an opinion that the company and the Board were jointly liable. - At the instance of Mr. Karamelli the question of the archway in Pinchin-street - where the body of a woman was discovered last week - was introduced, and the Surveyor stated the place was now boarded up. - A communication from the Commercial Gas Company as to a reduction in their charges was read. It stated that owing to the rise in the price of coal 2s. 6d. a ton consequent upon the abolition of the Coal and wine Dues, further reduction was at present unlikely. . .

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