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East End News
Friday, November 2nd, 1888.


The Board met at the offices, Great Alie-street, on Monday; Robert Gladding, Esq., in the chair, and the following members present: Messrs; G. T. Brown, Vile, Nicholson, Catmur, Horey, Sparks, Hemsley, Clark, Wainwright, Triggs, Barham, James, Harris, C.C., Young, Chappell, Davis, Myers, Karamelli, Abrahams, Willis, Collier, Ilsley (Metropolitan Board), Withers, Rice, Loveday.


Among the recommendations of the committee of Works were the following:- That the column lamp on the west side of Tenter-street West be removed and re-erected at the north corner of Scarborough-street and fitted with a burner of greater illuminating power; that the lamps in Gower's-walk be rearranged; that a new bracket lamp be fixed at the corner of Webb's-place, and that longer brackets be fixed in lieu of the present short ones; that the additional column lamp, with improved burner, be fixed in the centre of Charlotte-court; that a new lantern be fixed to present bracket, with a reflector to throw light upon the steps at the entrance from Charlotte-street; and that the column lamp at the corner of Settles-street be removed to the north side, opposite Charlotte-court; that the bracket lamp in George-yard (the second from the High-street on the east side) be removed and fixed a few yards northward; and that an additional lamp be fixed over the entrance of the destructor yard; that a lantern and burner of an improved pattern be fixed on the column at the western end of Quaker-street; that the bracket lamp at no. 7 Union-court, Fashion-street, be removed, and a column lamp be substituted in the centre of such court, which is a cul de sac; that a column lamp be fixed in Thrawl-square to light the entrance, and that the bracket lamp over the entrance be fixed on the opposite side of Thrawl-street; that a lamp be fixed in Parliament-court (private court), conditionally that the owner defrays the cost of lighting it; that the two lamps in front of Nos. 17 and 20 High-street, Norton Folgate, be removed, the premises now being unoccupied.

These recommendations were adopted.


On the recommendation of the Committee of Works, it was resolved that the sum of £4,000 be included in the estimates for the ensuing half-year for paving works.


On the recommendation of the Committee of Works, it was resolved that proceedings, by indictment or otherwise, as the Board may be advised, be instituted to compel an abatement of the nuisance carried on upon the premises 106 and 107 Whitechapel-road, at the corner with Thomas-street, and in Court-street, occupied for the purposes of public shows or exhibitions; and that the Solicitor of the Board be instructed to give notice to the persons engaged in carrying on such nuisance of the intention to proceed, and to obtain the necessary powers for the purpose forthwith.


At the instance of Mr. Collyer, a general conversation arose on the subject of the bad light given generally by the gas lamps of the district. Mr. Collyer ascribed this to the very dirty state of the lanterns, and he urged that the gas company - who are responsible for this - should be remonstrated with.

Mr. Karamelli avowed his suspicion that the defective illumination was due to the bad quality of the gas, which seemed different to the service in the City.

Mr. Ilsley said official gas examiners tested the quality of the gas every day, so that had there been anything in Mr. Karamelli's suspicion, it would have been discovered at once.

Eventually, the subject was referred to the Committee of Works, with a view to the gas company being addressed on the subject of lantern cleaning.


The following letter from Dr. Macdonald, M.P., coroner, was read:- "Sir, I beg to bring under notice of your Board, as one of the Coroners for Middlesex, the fact of there being no proper mortuary in your district, and the absolute necessity of provision being made for a proper place to have bodies removed to for inquests. I need not inform you that in a district like yours, where, frequently, whole families live in one room, it is absolutely necessary, on grounds of decency, morality, and health, that bodies, whether for inquests or merely waiting to be buried, should at the earliest moment be removed. The remarks made by the police surgeon at the late inquests as to the urgent need above indicated, will, I have no doubt, be fresh in the minds of the Board. The usual situation for mortuaries, and the most suitable from all points of view, is a disused churchyard. I have no doubt you have more than one such in your district where a mortuary could be put up. I might remind you that the St. Luke's District Board have lately erected a very suitable mortuary and coroner's court, which I would recommend to your Board as a pattern, if, as I hope, they will accede to my suggestion."

The letter was referred to the Committee of Works, where Mr. Sparks had already given notice of his intention to raise the question.

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