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Brandon Mail
Manitoba, Canada
29 November 1888

London Nov. 22.
Up to four o'clock this morning nothing has transpired to show that any new Whitechapel horror has occurred. After the strange experience of yesterday it will be hard to deny that there are any newspaper made murders. For an hour or two London was encouraged to believe that the Whitechapel miscreant had added one more to his long list of victims. For an hour or two more it was told that he had failed in the fatal stroke by a hair's breadth but that a woman lay at the point of death. The woman is even of a lower type than the other women who were the victims of the Whitechapel murderer. Her associates say she is quarrelsome and that the man whom she accused of trying to cut her throat had been visiting her nearly a year. People at the house heard them quarrelling at nine o'clock today and when the man ran down the stairs the woman followed him to the top of the landing and screamed: "He tried to cut my throat, follow him." Three men gave chase, but the fellow got away easily enough. This is the only significant thing about the whole affair, that a man could escape so easily in the broad daylight on streets patrolled by police and filled with people. The police know who the man is and where he lives, and have been watching the house all day. When he gets over his fright and returns home they expect to get him. There is not the slightest reason to suppose that he is the Whitechapel fiend. The police believe the woman inflicted the wound upon herself. The injury is slight. A really interesting incident of the day is another letter from Jack the Ripper, dated at Portsmouth. Here it is:

Dear Boss: It is no good for you to look for me in London because I am not there. Don't trouble yourself about me til I return, which will not be long. Oh, that was such a jolly job, that last one. I had plenty of time to do it properly. Ha! Ha! the next one I mean to do with a vengeance. Cut off their heads and arms. You think it is a man with a black moustache. Ha! ha! ha! When I have done another you can catch me. So goodbye, dear Boss, til I return.
Jack the Ripper.

The letter is in the same writing as the one received just before the woman was murdered.