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Atlanta Constitution
Georgia, U.S.A.
17 June 1894

From an article entitled "Future of the race"

A great Londoner

The importance of Dr. Forbes Winslow is overshadowing. A representative of this paper called upon him at his residence, 33 Devonshire Street, N.W., three weeks ago, and the utterance that followed was made rapidly and enthusiastically. It should be said that almost every criminal case in Great Britain where insanity figures is referred to Dr. Winslow. It was to him that the home secretary turned for an opinion on Mrs. Maybryck's (sic) responsibility when the queen was petitioned to commute her sentence of death, and it was owing to the doctor's answer that the life of the unfortunate woman was spared. It was to Dr. Winslow that Jack the Ripper wrote the now famous letter:

"Dear Sir: You will hear from me. JACK THE RIPPER."

The whole world did hear from him shortly afterward through thirteen dreadful murders. This letter is framed and hangs upon the wall of the doctor's study, and shows the mysterious criminal to have been a good penman and an epigram writer. The formation of the letters in this note corresponds with the writing the murderer left near the bodies of his victims, and there is no questioning its authenticity.

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