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Posting Guidelines

At the top of each post is a header that identifies the poster. To the right of the poster’s name are arrow symbols, an index card icon and a paper/pencil icon. The arrows will take you further up and down the thread, the index card will show the poster's profile and the pencil/paper icon can be used to correct typos or mistakes in a post after it has been posted. If you make a mistake in your post Please use this edit icon and DO NOT post a second post stating "Oh, that should have said...".

You’ll see the first topic is called Pub Talk. We encourage you to post a brief message about yourself in the Pub Talk: “Hello, I am new and…" thread.

All posts are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time.

Please post non-JtR related threads on the Pub Talk board.
All Ripper related threads should be posted on the General Discussion board under the appropriate topic. Please feel free to create new conversations or continue old coversations from our archived boards there.

Most of the basic questions can be answered by reading the main Casebook or the archived posts on the message boards. Most posters are happy to answer the questions of newcomers but many become annoyed if a question is posted in an inappropriate thread. Search for a thread on the subject you wish to post on before posting.

If you start a new thread, make sure the title is specific and clearly identifies what the thread will be about. Try to avoid vague titles such as "Something I was thinking.." or "Here's a thought...".
Please do not post the same question in more than one thread. Most of the regulars receive e-mails of all new posts or use the Last Day function and the post will be viewed by everyone. Multiple posts cause wear and tear on the server without any benefit.

Posts that say "I'm a student and I have to do a paper on Jack the Ripper, e-mail/tell me everything!" will be deleted.

We appreciate the time and effort involved in forming a thoughtful and grammatically correct post. Posts that reflect a mature posting style will be better received than posts written in a juvenile manner.

Please don't be offended if your question is not answered immediately. People may not know the answer to your question or may think someone else more knowledgeable will answer it. If your question is not answered, the answer may be easy to find with a bit of research on your part. Please don't be discouraged from posting your questions or comments in the future.

Board Basics

Posting is now only allowed on the non-archived boards. The non-archived boards are: Pub Talk (for non-JtR topics), General Discussion (for all JtR topics), Trading Post (if you have things to sell or trade), and Beyond Whitechapel--Other Crimes (self explanatory). Archived boards have a lock on the folder icon next to them.

Last Day and Last Week will show you all the posts that have been posted within those time frames.

Formatting will teach you how to make icons such as and as well as text formatting, adding links, posting pictures and various 'tricks' to posting. Please read this section carefully!!

Keyword Search can be used to find a thread about a specific topic of interest. We strongly recommend that you spend some time looking through the topics to see which subjects have been discussed in the past. You may see something that either answers your questions or sparks your imagination!

Set Look In: to Subject Lines and be sure that your keyword in Search For: will pull up the maximum number of threads. For example, if you are looking for FBI profiles, search for "profil". This will pull up threads with "Profiling" and "Profile" in the title.

Please use the Create/Edit Profile on the left side of your screen to remove your e-mail address if you do not wish people to e-mail you. If a poster shows their e-mail address in their profile, this could mean that they welcome e-mails from others, but not necessarily so. Please bear this in mind if you do not get a response to an e-mail you send.

Questions or comments? Send an e-mail to

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Use of these message boards implies agreement and consent to our Terms of Use. The views expressed here in no way reflect the views of the owners and operators of Casebook: Jack the Ripper.
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