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 A Ripperologist Article 
This article originally appeared in Ripperologist No. 21, February 1999. Ripperologist is the most respected Ripper periodical on the market and has garnered our highest recommendation for serious students of the case. For more information, view our Ripperologist page. Our thanks to the editor of Ripperologist for permission to reprint this article.
by Andy Aliffe

Young woman aged approx. 24 years of age found mutilated in Millers Court. Seen earlier accompanying a man into house. Man described as foreign looking about 5ft 7 ins in height with a moustache: Another man seen earlier lurking by a lamppost opposite. Man who discovers body runs into McCarthy's shop. Established that young woman had been, at one time, in domestic service. Coroner's inquest reports she had eaten a meal of fish and potatoes shortly before she was murdered."

This all sounds terribly familiar doesn't it? The date of the crime described above? - July 2nd 1909 .

Let's return now to Millers Court and examine another date - February 1892