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Frederick Wilkinson

Witness at Catherine Eddowes' inquest.

Born Frederick William Wilkinson c.1856, Manchester. Married to Mary Ann (b. Whitechapel c.1867)[1]. Deputy of Cooney's Lodging House, 55 Flower and Dean Street.

Inquest statement of Frederick William Wilkinson:

"I have known deceased and Kelly for the last 7 or 8 years, they passed as man and wife. They lived on very good terms. They had a few words now and again when she was in drink. Deceased got her living by hawking about the streets and cleaning amongst the Jews. When they were there they were pretty regular with their rent. She did not often drink, she was a very jolly woman. I never saw Kelly drunk. I saw deceased on Friday afternoon when she returned from hopping. I did not see Kelly. She went out on Friday night. I saw her again on Saturday morning along with Kelly between 10 & 11. I did not see deceased again until I saw her in the mortuary. She was generally in bed between 9 & 10 at nights when they stopped there.

"I did not know her to walk the street. I never knew or heard of her being intimate with any one but Kelly. Sheused to say she was married to Conway and her name was bought and paid for. She was not at variance with any one that I know of. She was quite sober on Saturday when I last saw her. When Kelly came in on Saturday night between half past 7 or 8 I asked him, 'Where's Kate?' He said, 'I have heard she's been locked up', and took a single bed. A single bed is 4d, a double bed is 8d.

"I should say it was 4 or 5 weeks since they slept together at this house, they had been hopping. I am quite positive he never went out on Saturday night. On the Saturday morning she was wearing an apron, she was not dressed in anything particular. No stranger came in between 1 and 2 on Sunday morning to take a bed. I cannot recollect whether any stranger came in at 3 o'clock".

Wilkinson was later recalled to be further examined:

"Kelly was at No.52 sleeping on Friday and Saturday - I had 6 strangers sleeping there on Saturday evening. I do not remember anyone coming in about 2 o'clock on Sunday morning - I remember the police coming in about 3 o'clock - no register of the time or of the persons coming in is kept by me".[2]

[One assumes that No.52 referred to in the above statement should say No.55].

Wilkinson was registered as 'Lodging House Manager' of 55 Flower and Dean Street in 1891.


  1. Census report 1891
  2. Coroner's inquest (L), 1888, No.135, Catherine Eddowes Inquest, 1888 (Corporation of London Record Office)

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