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Daniel Halse

Detective Constable Daniel Halse

Witness at Catherine Eddowes' Inquest.

Born 1842 in Abbot's Langley, Hertfordshire. Joined City of London Police in 1863, retired in 1891[1]. Married Margaret in 1875, no children.[2]

On 29th September 1888, Halse, acting on orders, had directed a number of police officers to patrol the City of London throughout the night. At 1.58am the following morning he was at the corner of Houndsditch by St Botolph's Aldgate with Detective Sergeant Robert Outram and Detective Constable Edward Marriott when they received word of the murder in Mitre Square. All three proceeded there and Halse shone his lamp upon Eddowe's body. He gave instructions to have the neighbourhood searched and every man examined. He himself proceeded to Middlesex Street and then Wentworth Street where he he stopped two men who gave a good account of themselves.

At 2.20am he was in Goulston Street, but returned to Mitre Square. From there he accompanied Inspector Edward Collard to the City mortuary. He was present as the body was stripped and noted that a portion of Eddowes' apron was missing. He returned to Mitre Square with Major Henry Smith and thence to Leman Street Police Station with Detective Baxter Hunt.

On returning to Goulston Street he was shown the spot where the portion of Eddowes' apron was found in the doorway of 108-19 Wentworth Dwellings. He also observed the Goulston Street Graffito which he said was "on the black fascia of the wall" and appeared to be recently written. He remained at the site and gave directions for the writing to be photographed, however attendant members of the Metropolitan Police noted that it was a sunday morning and the writing may spark a riot against the Jews. Halse suggested that only the top line of the writing be erased and also took down the wording which he believed was "The Juwes are not the men that will be blamed for nothing".

On the return of Detective Hunt, enquiries were made at all the rooms in Wentworth Dwellings without any resulting leads.[3]

On his retirement, Halse was living in Hackney where he died in March 1894.[4]


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