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Ripperologist No. 46: May 2003

1. Editorial: Christopher T. George Whither Ripperologist?
5.    Michael Conlon    The Carrie Brown Murder Case - New Revelations   
11.    Jeffrey Bloomfield    Anderson's Solutions - The Lighter Side of Historical Reality   
14.    D. J. Leighton    Montague Druitt, Blackheath Cricket Club and the Christophersons   
16.    Christopher T. George    A E Coppard's The Presser - Another Peek at Jack's Whitechapel   
19.    Rob Hills    The Miscreant of Mitre Square   
21.    Bernard Brown    The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Kirby   
23.    Eduardo Zinna    The Ripper People: William Le Queux   
30.    Stawell Heard    The Captain and the Torn Envelope - exclusive illustrations   
31.    In Brief      
36.    I Beg to Report    Ripper News   
39.    Adrian Morris    At The Cloak & Dagger Club   
42.    Obituary of Donald Bell      
44.    Camille Lemonnier    The Man Who Kills Women   
47.    GLENN    The Adventures of Inspector Abberline Jr   
48.    Reviews      
      The Secret Identity of Jack the Ripper (DVD & VHS)
Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper Case Closed (Audio Book)
Ripper Notes
A Handbook For Attendants on the Insane
The Gangs of New York. An Informal History of the Underworld
Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley
Shanghai Knights   
52.    Christopher-Michael diGrazia    The Last Word.   
53.    Jack the Ripper Conference 2003      

COVER ILLUSTRATION: Carrie Brown ('Old Shakespeare') NYC Municipal Archives


"To say that Iraq aspires to 'enslave the world' is a bit like saying that Jack the Ripper wanted to be King of England. This is not to defend Jack the Ripper; it is to define him. Scotland Yard ruled out political motives pretty early in the case. Bad people are always bad in specific ways. Even Stalin seemed sincerely fond of children." Sobran's The Real News of the Month, "Loose Lips," January 14, 2003.

"The United Nations' history on Iraq is, to be blunt, dismaying. During the 1990s, the U N brought to the task roughly the same energy and enthusiasm as an English bobby dunning Jack the Ripper for back parking tickets." U S News and World Report, 30 September 2002.

We have endeavoured to credit photo copyright to known sources and apologise to any copyright holders we have overlooked. Special thanks to MPC Entertainment for the photo of Jeremy Beadle.

We would like to acknowledge the valuable assistance given by the following people in the production of this issue of Ripperologist: Jeremy Beadle, Bernard Brown, Jeff Bloomfield, Michael Conlon, Laraine Hake, Peter Jackson, Claudia Oliver, Stephen P Ryder, Chris Scott, Stanoje (Avala), Wolf Vanderlinden, and Geoff Woollen. Thank you!