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Ripperologist No. 35: June 2001

1.    Editorial    It may be history, but is it a holiday?   
5.    Mark King    Hyam Hyams   
7.    Stephen Butt    Robert James Lees   
13.    Sir Robert Anderson    Sherlock Holmes, Detective. As Seen By Scotland Yard   
15.    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle    S. Ingleby Oddie   
17.    Christopher T. George    “Saucy Jack”: Another American Connection   
19.    Bernard Brown    Jack of All Trades   
21.    R. Dixon Smith    The View From The Second Shelf   
22.    I Beg to Report    All the news that’s fit to print, and sometimes not...   
25.    Adrian Morris    “Every Generation Has Its Hamlet…” Kim Newman at the C&D   
27.    Letters to the Editor      
29.    Dave Froggatt    Ripper Rarities   
30.    Reviews    Hanging With Mary Jane Virginia Love Long   
      Becoming Victoria Lynne Vallone   
      Queen Victoria's Family: A Century of Photographs Charlotte Zeepvat   
      Victorian Diaries edited by Heather Creaton   
      The World For A Shilling Michael Leapman   
      London: The Biography Peter Ackroyd   
      London 1900: The Imperial Metropolis Jonathan Schneer   
      Getting It Straight Freddie Foreman and Tony Lambrianou, with Carol Clerk   
      Ronnie Kray: Man Among Men Laurie O'Leary   
      Author Unknown: On The Trail of Annoymous Don Foster   
      Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder   
      Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus   
      Lestrade and the Devil’s Own all M.J. Trow   
      The Notorious Astrological Physician of London Barbara Howard Traister   
      The Queen’s Conjuror: The Science and Magic of Dr Dee Benjamin Woolley   
      Lord Minimus Nick Page   
      Terror on the Chesapeake Christopher T George   
      Bootlegged Angel; Lights, Camera, Angel Mike Ripley   
31.    GLENN    Sometimes irreverent, always funny   
36.    Conference News    Last chance to reserve your place!   

“You wouldn’t say that the prostitutes in Amsterdam looked like Claudia Schiffer either, but they are certainly more de Maupassant than Jack the Ripper.”
‘Tart Talk’ by Petronella Wyatt. The Spectator (

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