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George G. Harrap & Co. 1976 (paperback)
George G. Harrap & Co. 1976 (hardcover)
Treasure Press 1984 (hardcover)
McKay 1976 (hardcover)
Bounty Books 2000 (hardcover)
Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution
Stephen Knight
George G. Harrap & Co Ltd, 1976
288p., illus., ISBN 0 586 04652 6

Casebook Review:

Though Stephen Knight's conclusions have been disproved numerous times, the "Royal Conspiracy" theory refuses to die. In fact, Knight's book is still in print after more than two decades, and remains one of the most widely read books on the subject. Though Knight fudged much of his evidence, he did make a number of worthwhile discoveries during his research. Recommended only to those interested in a good fictional read.

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