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 Jack the Ripper: A Suspect Guide 
This text is from the E-book Jack the Ripper: A Suspect Guide by Christopher J. Morley (2005). Click here to return to the table of contents. The text is unedited, and any errors or omissions rest with the author. Our thanks go out to Christopher J. Morley for his permission to publish his E-book.

Edward Hamblar

In October 1889 Edward Hambler, a ship's joiner, aged 61 and described as respectably dressed, was charged at Thames Police Court with disorderly conduct and being dressed in women's clothes. Inspector Arthur Ferrett, H Division, stated that on Sunday night he saw a crowd of some 600 people in Bromley Street, Ratcliff. He went to investigate and found Hambler being detained by two men. Hambler was dressed in female attire and was wearing a woman's hat, veil, black jacket, print dress, two flannel petticoats and a large dress improver. Hambler was arrested and taken to the police station. it was revealed that the assembled crowd suspected that he was Jack the Ripper and there was much excitement as a consequence, indeed, if the police had not arrived there was a very real danger that he would have been torn to pieces. Hambler, who gave no explanation for his strange behaviour, said only that it was a freak. Hambler was told that he had acted very foolishly, and much to the amusement of the court, was told he did not make an attractive woman. Hambler was bound over to the sum of 10 and told to keep the peace for six months.

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