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Williamsport Sunday Grit
27 September 1891

Actor Horace Cone hanged in fact in a St. Louis Theatre

St. Louis, Sept. 26.
At the London theatre Horace Cone is playing a "thrilling drama" entitled "Jack the Ripper", the culminating scene of which is the execution of Jack. Monday night Jack was hanged in fine style, and a big audience enjoyed his dance in the air. But with the dropping of the curtain the enactment of another scene was begun.

Mr. Cone had been "cut down" and the black cap removed, but the man was insensible and his face was changing color. His wife, who was standing by, fainted away, and for a few minutes the greatest excitement and confusion prevailed. Physicians were summoned and restoratives applied, but it was nearly half an hour before the man regained consciousness. He was then taken to the hotel and put to bed.

"I believe I am all right now," Mr. Cone said the next day, "excepting that my throat is still sore from the choking. It was all my fault. I neglected to fasten one portion of the harness tight enough and the result was that my throat or chin had to bear all the weight." Mr. Cone said this was the most serious accident he had had in the character of Jack the Ripper, since his fall at Dallas, Texas, when his head struck a beam as he fell, breaking his left jawbone and knocking out several of his teeth.

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