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Weekly Gazette and Stockman
Reno, Nevada, USA
18 July 1889

Still At his Horrid Butchery

London, July 17.
The woman's body found in Whitechapel district last night was that of a middle aged prostitute. Her throat had been cut to the spine. The body was lying on its back, and the clothing had been thrown up, exposing the abdomen, which had been gashed in a horrible manner in several places, though the intestines were not exposed. No part of the body was missing and warm blood was flowing from the wounds. A policeman, who, with the watchman of an adjacent warehouse, must have been within a few yards of the spot, heard no noise.

It is stated that letter was received by the police before last night's murder in Whitechapel, signed Jack the Ripper, in which the writer said he was about to resume work.