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Washington Post (Washington, D.C.)
18 November 1890


Immediately Placed Under Arrest as a Suspicious Character.


Letter in His Possession Testify to His High Moral Character, and a Pamphlet Recites a Complete Vindication of the London Charges Against Him.

Dr. Francis Tumblety, who is known to the police of all the large cities of America and Europe, and who was under the surveillance of the Scotland Yard force when the Jack the Ripper excitement was at its height, was arrested in this city last night. Detective Ned Horne saw the notorious doctor standing in a shadow near Ninth street and Pennsylvania avenue. His actions were so suspicious that the detective at once placed him under arrest. He showed a disposition to resist, but Horne convinced him that he had better go with him.

At the station the doctor was searched, and an unexpectedly large number of valuables were secured from him, amounting in worth to several thousand dollars. There were $250 in greenbacks, a check for $160, and two magnificent diamond rings, each worth, he claims, about $2,500. The brilliant glitter of the diamonds dazzled the eyes of the officers. The doctor also had a gold watch and a ring of rubies, set with small diamonds, worth about $200.

The prisoner was placed in a cell, but soon afterward the detective concluded to take collateral for his appearance at court this morning and his valuables were returned to him. A boy who had been held as a witness was ordered to appear in court also.

Dr. Tumblety is an enormous man, over six feet in height, with broad shoulders. His hair is black, tinged with gray, and his skin is red and coarse. His moustache is a rather large affair, evidently dyed black, and extends around the corners of his mouth. His eyes are steely blue, and he gazed steadily at nothing, as he spoke in a weak, effeminate voice. He was dressed in a big black overcoat and wore a German cap, and had on rubber boots.

In his pocket was a pamphlet containing the names of a number of prominent men, both of this city and elsewhere, and he also carried a letter from a well-known Congressman. The testimonials were chiefly devoted to elaborate praise of the doctor.s character.

In the pamphlet the doctor had an article replying to the charge advanced against him by the London authorities, and spoke of his escape unscathed from the vilifying statements of the newspapers. Dr. Tumblety very gladly deposited the collateral demanded and walked away. He had a key in his pocket for a room in Myer.s Hotel.

The doctor was well known to the officers in the station, and Detective Horne told a POST reporter of the man.s character. He had lived here in former years, and sold herb medicines. If he appears in court to-day, interesting developments are expected.

"Jack the Ripper" at Madrid

MADRID, Nov. 17.--A woman's body cut into pieces was found in the Rua Ferrocarril to-day. The woman is supposed to have been murdered. The case has caused a great sensation.