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Walthamstow and Leyton Guardian (UK)
Saturday, 21 March 1891


On Wednesday an extraordinary document, and one to which too much importance must not be attached, as it is more than likely that it was the work of some stupid person with peculiar notions of humour, was found outside the "Coach and Horses" public house, St. James-street. The document which, we are informed, is now in the possession of the police, was in these words:-
"D--- you! my dear ladies and gentlemen. I shall be in Walthamstow to kill a podgy woman. Yours faithfully, - JACK THE RIPPER."
The writing of this precious epistle is in black ink, and the piece of paper upon which it was inscribed was found on the steps leading to the "Coach and Horses" private bar by a little girl residing with her parents in Walthamstow. The girl is believed to have handed the letter to her father, who deemed it prudent to pass it over to the police. The police themselves attach no importance to the document, and there is really no ground for alarm. There is, as we have before hinted, reason to believe that it was the work of some stupid person who had nothing better to do. At the same it would be extremely satisfactory to everybody if the perpetrator of such a miserable trick could be discovered.