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Trenton Times
New Jersey, USA
4 October 1888

A New Sensation in the Whitechapel Mystery

London, Oct.4.
The Evening News created a big sensation yesterday afternoon by printing in red ink facsimiles of the letter and postal card received a few days ago at the office of the Central News company, purporting to have been written by the Whitechapel murderer. In these communications the writer gloats over his crimes and threatens to commit others in defiance of the police, of whose efficiency he expresses a very poor opinion. The News was eagerly bought, and the venders (sic) raised their price to sixpence per copy and later to a shilling without apparently decreasing the demand.

The police are inclined to the belief that the letter and card are genuine, and intend to have them telegraphed in colors and posted in every available place in the metropolis, hoping thereby to secure identification of the chirography.

There is absolutely nothing new in the way of a clew to the murderer, and many persons now believe he will never be caught.

Two persons, supposed to be Americans, were arrested last evening on suspicion of connection with the Whitechapel murders.