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The Times (London).
11 July 1972

The Times Diary
Camps: cited in Ripper case

Dr. Francis Camps, the criminal pathologist who died on Saturday, was, I learn, involved in the investigation of perhaps the most celebrated murders ever - those of Jack the Ripper. Daniel Farson, the writer, consulted Camps for his unpublished study, Jack the Ripper, which comes out from Michael Joseph in October.

Camps had long been interested in Jack the Ripper's identity through his association with the London Hospital, near which nearly all of the five (or six) murders of "unfortunate" women occurred. Camps and Farson corresponded as Farson's investigations proceeded and spent an afternoon together at which Camps said of Farson's suspect; "He's the type of person you're looking for. He's the only one who fits. I always thought the Ripper was well educated."

Camps later wrote to Farson; "I really must congratulate you on your research. I am sure that you got the answer at last." Camps assured Farson that evidence that his suspect committed suicide fits in with the sudden end of the Ripper's murders, and said he thought the mutilations of the victims were too clumsy for a doctor, even working quickly in the dark. Indeed, he writes (in the foreword he has contributed to Farson's study; "Any surgeon who operated in this manner would have been struck off the Medical Register.")

Who, then, is Jack the Ripper? Well, I can assure you (having myself produced his alibi) that it was not the Duke of Clarence, as was recently suggested. Beyond that I am honour bound to allow Farson himself to reveal the name of the man whom both he and Camps thought to be the Ripper.

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