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The Times (London).
1 January 1927


Joseph Carson, 65, an inmate of the West ham Union Institution, Whipps Cross road, Walthamstow, was charged on his own confession at Old street Police Court yesterday with murdering Jane Williams at Duval street, on December 29.

Police Sergeant Lane stated that the defendant came into the Bow road police station on Wednesday afternoon and said, "I have murdered a woman at Spitalfields today." He was cautioned, and said. "I have come to give myself up. I cannot stand it any longer." The witness asked him the name of the woman and where it had occurred, and he said, "Jennie Williams, in a court off Gossett street, Spitalfields, opposite a church. It was just before 12 o'clock today. I strangled her."

In reply to the Magistrate the witness said that the defendant appeared perfectly sober and rational.

Mr. Clarke Hall (to the defendant) - Have you any questions to ask the sergeant?

Carson - I did not do anything. The woman was dead, I found out.

Mr. Clarke Hall - That may be. We will inquire into that later on, but if you agree that what the sergeant has said is right you need not ask any questions.

Carson - I do not deny I was upset and may have said anything like that, but I do not agree with it now. I know I did not murder that woman.

Detective Inspector Boreham said a post mortem examination of the body would be made, and he applied for a remand.

Carson was remanded till Monday.

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